EMF Frequencies Beyond Human Tolerance

When wireless internet first came into use, I was very concerned. Although they said that “scientifically” the frequencies emitted by “wifi” are harmless, the frequencies still batter the human energy field on a continuous, 24/7 basis. Such constant bombardment weakens our energy field, and creates physical problems over time, such as headaches, sleeplessness, irritability, depression, and immune system disorders. I was very skeptical of the diagnosis of “harmless.” I began to study wifi, and intuitively “measure” the energy in whatever space the wifi network was active. I found that the unnatural frequencies of wifi actually lower the “life energy level” or life force of whatever space they are in by about 85%. So, if wifi frequencies are being broadcast in your favorite parks or campgrounds, your pleasurable experience of being in nature is being drastically altered and diminished. It’s one thing to be bombarded by one wifi network. I don’t recommend the experience. However, a friend of mine who lives in a three flat building in a residential area surrounded by single family homes in Chicago. She just informed me that she discovered the presence of SIXTEEN different wifi networks running through her office space and apartment. I’m sorry folks, but this is WAY BEYOND what any human being should have to endure. Frankly, it is insane. I am willing to bet that there are a ridiculously high number of people around the country—all of whom are experiencing such constant bombardment by damaging high-tech frequencies—who think they must be losing their mind. They have no clue as to the source, since the frequencies are essentially “invisible.” They can’t think straight, they feel exhausted all the time, and they can’t understand why they feel so depressed. I’m willing to bet that more and more people are turning to anti-depression or other kinds of medications to help cope with their lives. At least in Germany they have started to question the health implications of wifi and are pulling it out of various establishments, including schools. Of course in this country, more and more people are using wifi, totally clueless of any potential long-term health risks. I have created a healing solution to this problem—the Rejuvenizer— but people need to know that a problem exists!!!! Without being aware of the problem, it is unlikely they will search for a solution. Please share this information with your friends and loved ones. You may save a life—mentally, emotionally, and even physically.

A Majorly Toxic EMF Moment

The other day, I had to go to the Apple Store, as I needed to get a wireless internet card for my very old laptop computer. I was updating it for an out of town trip I was about to take. After all the sales people in the store giggled in fascination and amazement about how old my computer was, my sales person let me know that they no longer carried the card for my computer, because of its age, but there was a place in town where I could go find what I needed. She called the place for me from one of the I-Phones on display, and handed the phone to me to get directions directly from them. I put the phone to my left ear, and talked to the guy for all of 3 minutes, while I copied down directions. After I got off the phone, I suddenly felt dizzy and woozy and had a strong pain in my RIGHT ear. Wow, that was weird. Of course I had my Rejuvenizer on, but I knew I was having a majorly toxic EMF moment, and knew I would need to do a major upgrade to all of the Rejuvenizers. As I walked out of the store, I analyzed what had happened. The pain in my right ear was still very strong. It actually took about 1/2 hour to dissipate!!! What I saw was this: The frequencies and electromagnetic fields filling the Apple Store (think about all the computers and cell phones they had operating in the store to show their customers) were interacting with each other in the same way that I’ve seen electricity act within a given space. Let me explain. What I observed and realized about electricity many years ago, is that the “particles of energy” that run through all the various wires and circuits in the walls of your home or office, “talk with each other” and come together in the center of that space, forming these “lines of connection.” It’s like all the lines of energy going around the room in the walls are drawn to connect with the lines of energy going through the other walls.. and they sort of meet in the middle. Any given normal size room could have 4,000 to 5,000 of these line running through it. Then, you have this huge cluster of energetic lines that clog your space and make it feel denser and heavier. And we’ve grown accustomed, over the years, to living with this dense, heavy, and often depressing energy. I set it up years ago, for the Rejuvenizer to disperse this negative energy that runs through our spaces because of how electric current operates, which is why your home or office always feels so much lighter, peaceful, and even uplifting once the Indoor Rejuvenizers are placed around the room. Well, after observing the energy in the Apple Store, I realized that the frequencies were behaving in much the same way as the “lines of energy” from electricity. They, too, were attempting to connect with one another. I realized that on my left ear, I had the I-Phone. Then, all the frequencies that filled the store, were attempting to “meet” the frequencies of the I-Phone… and the path they took was through my right ear and brain and out the left ear, to the phone. That’s why my RIGHT ear took the pounding. I was protected from the I-Phone by my Rejuvenizer, but my Rejuvenizer wasn’t prepared for the huge onslaught of frequencies that came pouring into my head through my right ear. Like I said, I immediately felt dizzy and wobbly and my ear continued to hurt for a half hour. It was wild. I can hardly imagine someone in there without the protection of a Rejuvenizer!!!! Of course, I updated my devices to handle such a situation. This is why I am always doing updates. I can’t ask for protection from something that I don’t know exists. I do my best to stay on top of the various technological changes taking place all the time in our world today for this reason.

Health Problems with Cell Towers on Schools

Parents are Right to Sweat Cell Towers on Schools In my mind, and in my field of research, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that cell phone towers present a clear and present danger to all those who reside or spend time near them. That schools would perch them atop their buildings is unconscionable. Kids will definitely be affected in the following ways: it will be more difficult for them to focus and concentrate (as there is more “interference” in the natural energy field of the school property); they will become more irritable and depressed (EMF research in the 1980’s has shown that exposure to EMFs makes people more irritable and depressed over time); they will become more forgetful and spaced out (not so good while trying to get an education); and last but not least, the cell towers will create in the students.. and faculty… a greater vulnerability to headaches, fatigue, and immune system problems: allergies, asthma, candida, Fibromyalgia, and ultimately cancer. The cost to the children’s (and faculty’s) health over time far outweighs any of the benefits that the $24,000 would bring to the school. Letting the cell phone companies put towers atop school buildings is the worst idea I have heard of yet—short of wanting to install the WiMax wireless internet system everywhere in America, making the whole country “one big hot spot.” The German government has pulled wireless internet systems out of the schools, because of potential health risks. They have publicized requests for their citizens to return to land-line usage and give up their cell phones for the same reason. The more frequencies we have filling our air in America, the sicker we are all going to get. The handwriting is on the wall. Our high-tech frequencies are the next “lead paint” or asbestos.” These are products that we once touted as highly beneficial and valuable, and later found out about their innate toxicity. One day, we will all come to know of the deleterious effect of all the EMFs and frequencies of our high-tech world. Being super sensitive myself, I can FEEL the frequencies hurting my body and causing pain. This is why I created a device to protect myself and others. Most people can’t feel the damage happening to them, and thus aren’t aware of the need for protection. I am truly sorry for our children and teachers who have to be subjected to an extra onslaught of frequencies from these uncomfortably close cell phone towers—in addition to the massive amount of frequencies coming in from the overhead TV, radio, security, and Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites which already blanket our planet.

EMF Protection Devices

Every day we receive many requests from people who are have questions about just how bombarded we are from electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  We invested much time and effort to help people learn about what we are talking about when we tell people why they need EMF Protection.  Please feel free to spread the word!

Atrial Fibrillation and Airport Security Systems

As I have been telling people for the past two decades, EMFs and other high-tech frequencies are detrimental to the human energy field, and consequently, to the human body.  I have had to do numerous upgrades to my Rejuvenizers as of “9-11,” to counteract all the new frequencies being emitted from all the latest security satellites and scanning equipment at airports.
New security screening machines have been installed in many airports around the world in the past year and a half.  These machine do a rather invasive “full-body” scan, in order to detect weapons and other potentially hazardous items.  Security personnel observe passengers as they walk through the screening device.  The machines use some form of electronic frequency to do the scanning, which is very detrimental to the human energy field.  
As our energy field gets weaker from all the frequencies hitting it, all kinds of health problems can ensue.  In our world today, we see all kinds of physical illnesses that are caused by a frequency overload, like Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Candida, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and all the various auto-immune system illnesses.
This condition happens when the the electrical conduction system of the heart malfunctions.  It is a serious condition that can result in a stroke.  I think it was brilliant for the man to have deduced that it got triggered by the security systems.
Many times, we have physical aches or pains, and just think it’s normal.  When a physical challenge arises, most people would never think about EMFs and their effect on the human body as a probable cause.  However, it is unreal what  people are up against in today’s world.  I used to get major pains in my head and body 20 years ago, because of the frequencies being broadcast at that time.
In today’s world, those frequencies are multiplied many times over, with all the cell phones in use, and all the TV, and radio signals being broadcast by overhead satellites.  For anyone to be healthy in our world today is nothing short of a miracle.  The human body is being asked to withstand more than it was designed to handle, with the frequency overload in our world today.
Germany seems to be one of the few countries that are aware of this, as they have advised their citizens to shut down their wireless internet networks and return to their land lines, due to potential health hazards from all the frequencies.  In America, we seem to be going in the opposite direction.  The “high-tech powers-that-be” want to turn our whole country into one huge “hot spot,” with wireless frequencies broadcast everywhere via a system called WiMax.  We will all wind up paying a huge price in the area of our health and well-being.  To me, this is absolutely unconscionable (Websters: “not guided or controlled by conscience: unscrupulous,” “shockingly unfair or unjust.”)  There has been no good or complete solution to this problem, and as a result, I have created the Rejuvenizers, to fully offset the detrimental effects of this onslaught of high-tech frequencies we face on a daily basis.  

EMFs, melatonin and glandular function

Sarah Hultquist from Dallas, Texas wrote in with this great question about EMFs and melatonin.  As you may be aware, suppression of melatonin has been an issue where the body is constantly exposed to EMFs, for example, power lines, because if your home is in close proximity to the transmission lines, you and your family become bathed in EMFs 24/7.  Here’s Sara’s question: I’m noticing that I have trouble sleeping at night.. and it’s been getting worse over the years.  I’m wondering if the rise of EMFs has had anything to do with this?  Could EMFs be affecting melatonin production?  Thanks for any insights you can offer. From Dr. Light:  EMFs definitely can affect ones ability to sleep.  This can happen in a number of ways:  1) In most major cities, we are getting hit by close to 300,000 frequencies per minute (this is in 2008).  In 1975, we got hit by about 40 frequencies per day.  As you can see, the amount of daily disturbance to our own natural energy field by detrimental frequencies and EMFs has increased at an astounding rate.  And because the frequencies are invisible, people don’t realize what’s happening. However, when we try to sleep at night, we are no longer able to be at peace and relax.  The frequency bombardment continues non-stop, and it makes us restless, irritable, and uncomfortable throughout the night, when we are supposed to be the most relaxed and rested possible! Many people leave their computers on all night.  If you do this, it fills your house with unwanted frequencies.  You may even have noticed that once you started leaving your computer on all night, your ability to experience deep sleep started to diminish.  Word to the wise: Unless you have a set of Indoor Rejuvenizers and a Circuit Rejuvenizer to neutralize the negative effects of EMFs in your space, and a Personal Rejuvenizer to protect and repair your body from past damage from EMFs, it would be best for you to turn off or unplug as much of the electric and electronic equipment in your house as possible:  your computer, your wireless Internet connection, your cell phone, and even your TV.  Unfortunately you can’t “turn off” the overhead satellite, microwave, cell phone, radio, and TV transmissions.) 2) There is an unusual energetic phenomenon occurring in today’s world that disturbs people while they sleep.  I can’t explain “why,” but I have learned that “dark” or negative energies “ride the high-tech frequencies” and get into people’s energy field at night, while they sleep.  In other words, the high-tech frequencies are somehow a “magnet” for the negative energies and entities that exist in our world (really, in other energetic dimensions which exist within our physical universe).  As a result we are being assaulted by these negative energies while we sleep, and this is anything but relaxing and peaceful! If you were to take a poll of how many people have nightmares these days, compared to years ago, you would find that the number has risen substantially…but most people don’t talk about this.  Nightmares occur as a result of these negative energies getting into you and staying with you while you are trying to sleep.  Whenever I have a nightmare, which is rare, I wake myself up, hold my Rejuvenizer, and ask for whatever negative energies I may have picked up to be cleared. Then I go back to sleep and have a peaceful, undisturbed rest.  Some people may not even believe that such negative energies exist.  But, indeed, these are the energies that create nightmares.  When these negative energies get cleared (like when a person uses a Personal Rejuvenizer on a regular basis), nightmares cease. 3) EMFs and other high-tech frequencies damage the subtle energy field around our physical body.  This subtle energy field, also called the “etheric body,” is actually the blueprint for the physical body. Every organ in our physical body has a corresponding “subtle organ” in our energy field.  We manifest health from the inside out, meaning, if our etheric body is intact, our physical body experiences good health.  What makes our etheric body have problems?:  1) our negative thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, from our past experiences…. and 2) EMFs and other high-tech frequencies hitting it and disrupting its normal functioning. When we get bombarded constantly by all the detrimental EMFs and other high-tech energies, the subtle organs, locating in subtle energy field, get damaged.  The more our subtle organs get damaged over time, the greater the problem we experience in our physical organs.  Every human being is getting bombarded by these negative fields and frequencies, and every human being has experienced some degree of damage to their subtle glandular system, which then translates to problems with their physical glandular or hormonal system. The hormonal system is directly responsible for the production of melatonin, and directs sleep, brain, and aging functioning.  As the hormonal system is disturbed, we start to age faster, and our brain becomes less effective and sharp over time.  Having greater difficulty sleeping is also part of this package… and it is only getting worse, as the quantity of frequencies continues to increase.  The problem is, we can’t compare ourself to what we would be like if we weren’t  getting hit by all the frequencies.  We don’t see that we’re aging faster, we just accept that we are aging.  We don’t realize that the pace at which we’re aging is not normal, but a function of all the damage our subtle energy field is sustaining from being hit by all the electromagnetic fields and frequencies.  Many people who get Rejuvenizers report sleeping much better over time.

EMFs and Weight Gain

There are several things going on that can cause spontaneous weight gain, that are outside the realm of the food you ingest.  As I have said before, Chicago is one of the most “wired” cities in the whole U.S.  The city administration has really gone wild, inviting in all the latest “high-tech” communications systems: from cameras on street corners, to wireless internet broadcasts throughout the city, to installing Homeland Security satellite systems, and now WiMax, broadcasting its detrimental frequencies throughout the entire city.  What happens, at a real fundamental level, is that human beings living in such an electronic soup of frequencies don’t feel safe. Although we don’t consciously feel the frequencies hitting us, some part of us is aware, and we feel bad.  This constant bombardment of frequencies makes us feel irritable and stressed “at best”, and victimized and ill, at worst.  When we feel under attack by these frequencies (again this feeling of being “under attack” happens unconsciously, within us), we may try to “protect” ourselves from it. One way people protect themselves is by putting on weight.  This is our unconscious response to try and create greater distance between us and the detrimental frequencies that are hitting us.  It is our “best shot” at helping us to survive, although, ultimately, it doesn’t work. Another thing that can make us gain weight living in such a high-tech environment like Chicago, is another deep, unconscious response to being hit by all the negative frequencies.  They can make us feel like we’re dying, at a very deep level.  There is some part of us that can feel our life force being sucked out of us by the constant bombardments to our energy field and body.  And, the more this happens, the more it triggers old subconscious parts of us that actually want to die.  So, we start “creating death” in our physical body. When a person is tortured or damaged on an ongoing basis, it is totally understandable that they could start “longing for death” in an attempt to escape an unhappy life.  Again, this may be taking place only in the subconscious and not in the person’s conscious mind.  But it is this longing for death at a deep level that makes the body start to go haywire. Our body is the “servant” of our mind… and when old programming gets triggered about wanting to die, the body tries to oblige us and give us what we want.  The body starts to “pack it up and get ready to leave,” since this is what we are telling it to do, at an unconscious level.  It is very common for the body to gain weight in this case, as a function of trying to “obey” our unconscious “desire for death.” I feel like the time you spent in Chicago has brought up these issues in spades, which is why you are experiencing the unusual and sudden weight gain.  Buying Personal Rejuvenizers, like you just did, is probably the best thing you can do to offset this condition. In addition, you could request some subconscious clearing from me (that’s my Telepathic Healing work), and we could clear the old programs that have surfaced that are making you want to check out.  I believe that protecting yourself from all the frequencies (via the Rejuvenizers) and clearing your subconscious programming that is causing distress in your life (like weight gaining condition) are surefire remedies to transform your life and help you return to a happier, more peaceful state of being. Sincerely, Dr. Phyllis Light, PhD.

Eye sight deterioration, EMFs and WiMax

Dr. Light responds to Jon Reilly’s questions about EMFs and his eyesight deterioration: My wife found your blog and we just got our Rejuvenizers FedEx’d a couple of days ago. We both started feeling more “with it” within a day or so of wearing them. I just had my eyes checked out and have been wearing a new contact scrpt for a month. I already am having problems seeing again. I’m an older guy, in my late 40s and until we moved to Chicago, I had the same presecription for 15 years. Gotta ask you if my eyesight degradation is related to this wimax thing. Jon and Mary Ellen Reilly Dear Jon, So glad to hear you guys have gotten Rejuvenizers.  They will be your “new best friends” for many years to come!  Let’s talk about the eyes, and how these negative frequencies are affecting them and your need to get stronger prescriptions from your eye doctor. Years ago, I used to joke and say that being an opthamologist (eye doctor) was probably the most lucrative career in our modern times, as it has been clear to me for a long time that our eyes are taking a pounding in our high-tech world.  Most people use a computer at work and at home.  Staring at the computer screen is no easy task, as we sitting in the strong electromagnetic field of the computer, staring at a light that is subtly interfering with the functioning of our pineal and pituitary glands over time.  Computers, as are the new HDTV screens, are digital, and it is much harder for the eyes to deal with digital frequencies than with analog frequencies. The analog wave is smooth and curved, and when it hits the eyes and brain, we are able to see and interpret it easily.  The digital frequency is jagged and squared off, there is nothing smooth about it. When the digital frequency hits the eyes and brain, it actually disrupts our normal way of interpreting what we see, and causes a sort of “dis-integration” of the brain.  So, staring at a computer, and now the HDTV screen, our eyes and brain are working overtime to try and make meaning of the words and images we are viewing.  First we may feel eyestrain or fatigue.  Then we may experience a deterioration of our vision and ability to focus. Let’s look at how WiMax is entering into the mix.  We know that WiMax broadcasts an entire area with very powerful frequencies.  We also know that this is mixing with all the other thousands of frequencies already bombarding us, and affecting us even more deeply.  Let’s see how this new mix of detrimental energies is affecting the eyes.  (I do “research” as questions come in… I don’t necessarily have the answers prior to that time.) Question:  Are the eyes under some additional kind of strain for those who are living in range of the WiMax frequencies? Answer:  The eyes are being adversely affected by the WiMax frequencies 35-40% more, beyond what was happening to them prior to WiMax being installed.  This is because of the hazardous combination of frequencies that is now producing a sort of ionizing radiation, causing an actual physical alteration of all living tissue exposed to the radiation.  All parts of the eyes, muscles, ligaments, cells, tissue, etc. are being weakened tremendously by this new radiation that WiMax is creating, and this can result in a deterioration of the healthy functioning of the visual system. It is also coming to me that I need to upgrade the Rejuvenizers big time to both protect the eyes, and do a special kind of healing and repairing to the eyes that I never knew about prior to this phenomenon occurring.  What a crazy world we live in!

EMF and Hair Loss

Phyllis Light responds to Anna Falvo’s 7-2-2008 comment query about EMFs and her hair loss.  We are reproducing the original post here as well as Dr. Light’s response: Anna Falvo Says: July 2, 2008 at 12:11 pm Dear Phyllis Light, It was a real pleasure to meet you at the Schaumburg Health Show. I wish you’d come to Chicago!! We were out visiting relatives, which is why we were able to make the show. I meant to ask you about something that’s been really bothering me. For the past few years I’ve been experiencing heavy hair loss. I bought a Rejuvenizer at the show last year when you were here, hoping it would help. Then about 2 months ago things got much worse. My hair has been coming out in small handfuls. I’ve been leaving trails of my hair wherever I go, because so much has been falling out. I am of Italian and Greek ancestry, and both sides of my family have copius quantities of hair. For the past few years and ESPECIALLY the past two months, so much of my hair has fallen out that I am considering getting a hairpiece. My doctor has run tests and still has no idea what could be causing this. He said it is usually stress, but I am an artist and I enjoy what I do and live a fairly stress free livestyle. After I read your article on wimax, I had to wonder, is my sudden hairloss related to wimax? Anna Falvo Dear Anna, Thanks for your interest.  Hair loss often is related to thyroid function.  Your question makes me wonder if WiMax is having a particularly negative influence on the thyroid, or on the endocrine system in general.  When I “tune in,” here’s what I get: When the WiMax frequencies combine with 3 other types of detrimental frequencies:  HD frequencies (for our new HDTVs), satellite frequencies (from satellite TV, satellite radio, GPS, etc.), and the “Homeland Security” satellite system, there is a collective effect which is having an even greater weakening effect on the endocrine and immune system, than we would experience in the presence of only one of those groups of frequencies.  I believe that the actual chemical structure of your thyroid gland, in particular, is being affected by this intense “soup” of frequencies in which you’re living. I am going to have to do some major upgrades to the Rejuvenizer technology, to not only protect the endocrine and immune system from this onslaught of this combination of frequencies, but to heal, repair and normalize these body parts in ways I didn’t even know were needed. I will do this immediately.  The new functions should be in place in 7 to 8 hours of this post.  Thanks for letting me know.  I can’t even begin to imagine what people are experiencing who do not have the protection of a Personal Rejuvenizer!!

The Spiritual Effects of EMFs and WiMax

A client asked me to intuitively assess what happens to a person’s chakra system from EMFs and particularly, the WiMax frequencies.  In case you don’t know, the chakra system is a system of energetic “wheels” that spin coherently in order to bring spiritual energy into the human being, from the top of the head (“crown” chakra) to the bottom of the tailbone (“base” chakra).  When the wheels are spinning coherently, we are in balance and can comfortably accept a range of experiences:  being intuitive, being able to express ourselves, feeling love, feeling in charge of our lives, feeling powerful, creative, and in tune with our sexuality, and feeling safe, grounded, and able to be present. What all EMFs seem to be doing, but WiMax is doing to an extreme (65-70% more than “normal EMFs”), is disrupting and disorganizing the energy flow of the chakras.  This is creating a deep sense of chaos and confusion for people.  The energy of the chakras is “chopped up” and “broken”, and the spiritual energy that is supposed to flow through the chakras is unable to flow through coherently.  This is creating a condition in which people are disconnecting from themselves.  So people are energetically “leaving” in order to deal with this great stress upon them. When you “leave” energetically, it means you are no longer present.  This is a set-up for accidents and other problems that require you to be present and focused.  On a simple level, you may find yourself unable to understand what people are telling you.  “Could you say that again?” or “What did you say?”… or you may even ask questions to which the answers have already been given to you, possibly irritating the people around you over time.  On a physical level, whenever you are out in the world, you risk having a car accident, running into someone or having them run into you, falling or tripping over curbs, missing your subway stop or your turn to get to your destination. When your spiritual chakra is disrupted by all the frequencies, you may experience great difficulty in distinguishing that which is for your Highest Good and that which is not.  You may find yourself making choices (like overeating, smoking, drinking, not exercising) that are clearly not for your Highest Good.  Before being bombarded with all the frequencies, you may have been able to make better choices for yourself.  Once the energy of the spiritual chakra is disrupted, it becomes much more difficult to determine what would be best for you to do. When the chakra system is energetically damaged by EMFs and the strong frequencies of WiMax, a person becomes highly disorganized and chaotic and can only do their best to cope in a fairly impossible situation.  The Rejuvenizers have recently been upgraded to energetically protect the chakra system from being harmed by EMFs and the new WiMax frequencies.  For your information, the Rejuvenizers have been programmed to help balance the chakra system for many years, but it is only now that that we have discovered this extreme negative influence EMFs and particularly WiMax is having on the chakra system. We have also discovered that negative or dark energies ride the frequencies broadcast in today’s world.  Therefore, the more you are exposed to satellite TV, satellite radio, WiFi, WiMax, and cell phone frequencies, the more negative energies you would have inadvertently picked up or that have become deeply imbedded within the chakra system.  The Personal Rejuvenizers now protect you from this phenomenon, as well as clear all negative energies that have merged with you from past frequencies that hit you.  What a world we live in, huh?!