Indoor Rejuvenizers

rejuv_indoorCreate a lighter, more peaceful and harmonious environment in your home, or at work, with a set of Indoor Rejuvenizers®. They create a positive, life-supporting energy field within any size house or building up to 5000 square feet, reaching upward three floors. They rid the space of any negativity from unwanted energies from other dimensions, as well as any negativity generated by previous occupants of that room or space. With the Indoor Rejuvenizers®, your home and office will feel as good, energetically pleasing, and clear as possible. They are perfect companions for stuffy conference and meeting rooms, as well as a must for travelers, who want to sleep in a peaceful, stress-free environment while away from home.

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Since we put the Circuit and Indoor Rejuvenizers in our office, working at my computer is so much better, and the woman sharing my office has quit complaining about being sick. People come to our office more than ever before, and they don't want to leave. The whole room seems so much lighter and feels so much better!

— L.G., Personnel Manager,  Annapolis, Maryland, USA


Within ten minutes of putting the Indoor Rejuvenizers around my house, I could feel my whole body relax. Once they were in place, I was aware of feeling much lighter.

— P.K., Massage School Instructor,  Katy, Texas, USA


"My skin is extremely sensitive, and taking showers is always an unpleasant, stressful experience. When the water hits my skin, it hurts and is irritating. I feel on edge when I shower, and my skin itches when I get out. Once I installed the Water Rejuvenizer®, the water hitting my skin actually felt good, like a pleasant waterfall...peaceful, more relaxing. And I didn’t notice my skin itching when I got out."

—A.M., Waitress, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


""When I used to walk into my apartment, it used to feel suffocating and congested, even when I would open the windows. With the Indoor Rejuvenizers in place, that's all gone. It feels good and clear in here. I now like being in my apartment!"

—S.W., Financial Planner, Seattle, Washington, USA


 "My office feels incredible. Within ten minutes of putting installing the Indoor Rejuvenizers, I felt the energy shift. I feel more awake and energetic myself sitting in the room. And it's funny, as soon as I walk out of the room, I start yawning. My office used to make me yawn all the time!"

 —A.S., Hospital Administrator, Alexandria, VA, USA


"I just put a set of Indoor Rejuvenizers around my house, and I was shocked by how much of a difference they made. I actually wake up feeling better than when I went to bed. I can’t remember the last time I felt that way. It’s unbelievable! And I can really tell the difference when I come back to my house after work. The house doesn’t feel oppressive and dense anymore. It’s so much lighter. I can now relax in my house, and I never felt that way before. I’m amazed beyond belief!"

—J.S., Systems Analyst, Seattle, Washington, USA


"When I bought the Indoor Rejuvenizers, I went into the basement and, according to the instructions, placed one in each corner. By the time I got back to the first floor, the air seemed cleaner and sweeter, and I felt like I was breathing fresh spring air. The house seemed lighter, like a veil had been lifted. There is now an underlying calm and even a difference in the way my husband and I communicate. It is gentle and more honest—it's amazing!"

—T.D., Iconographer, Fairfax, Virginia , USA


"My co-worker and I both have noticed a definite improvement in the atmosphere in our office since I put the Indoor Rejuvenizers in the four corners of the office complex. It feels much more friendly and relaxed, and I actually feel comfortable working there, which is a real change for me!"

—A.P., Graphic Designer, Austin, Texas, USA


"I just realized that my husband and I haven’t had any fights since we put the Indoor Rejuvenizers around the house."

—K. H., Housewife and mother, Jacksonville, N.C, USA.


"After putting the Indoor Rejuvenizers around my classroom, I noticed that I was more at peace, and I no longer felt out of control in my attempts to discipline the kids. Their usual antics no longer seemed to bother me the way they had previously.

—B. M., Junior High School Teacher,  Houston, TX, USA


I manage our family restaurant, and this woman has been coming there every day for years. My brother and I put the Circuit and Indoor Rejuvenizers in without telling anyone, and a few days later, she unexpectedly called me over and said, "You know... the past few days have been a lot more fun in here."

Since putting them in, we have noticed that, over time, the employees who were mean and nasty and would always cause fights have all gone, and we now have a good group of people who are much more positive, cooperative, and energetic. I used to hate going in there before, and now, amazingly enough, it's a very pleasant place to work.

 — P.T., Restaurant Manager, Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Interestingly enough, I started feeling much safer, once I put a set of In door Rejuvenizers around the perimeter of my house. For me, that was a real improvement!

— D.S., Retired Court Clerk,  Los Angeles, California, USA


Even though my ex-husband has to come over to pick up our son, I would never allow him to enter my house, because of the negative energy he would direct at me. Every time he would come in, my heart would start racing, I'd feel depressed, horrible, and extremely uncomfortable because of the dark energy he'd bring into my home. Now with the Personal and Indoor Rejuvenizers , I am totally shielded from his negativity, so I'm able to let him in and not mind at all!

— K.J., Insurance Agent, Denver, Colorado, USA


Our home is noticeably less stressful since we placed the Rejuvenizers around the home and on the electrical panel! In addition, I have noticed that since putting on my Personal Rejuvenizer, not only do I feel better, but I can absolutely say that my verbal communications and written skills have improved 200 fold! Clear thoughts, ease of verbal expression... it all feels really wonderful!

— T.C., Senior Vice President, Corporate Development,  Atlanta, Georgia, USA


I used the Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers in my hotel room during an out-of-town teaching assignment, and found it a very big help to have a stress-free environment to relax in, once I was through with a heavy day of teaching.

— V.B., Language Support Programmer Austin, Texas, USA



All testimonials or endorsements reflect the individual's personal opinion and are not given on behalf of any entity or organization. The individuals were not provided with any monies or gifts for their letters of recommendation and experience.

In addition, individual results with Rejuvenizers may vary. Many people experience positive changes in their lives. Some people may simply use the Rejuvenizer on faith, based on the positive experiences of others. If a person "doesn't feel anything" with ongoing Rejuvenizer use, we sometimes recommend private subconscious clearing work to remove deep blockages to perceiving subtle energies.