Personal Rejuvenizer Rings for Men


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Men’s Rejuvenizer rings are fully encoded with the same functions as the Rejuvenizer pendants. You will get the same valuable benefits with either the ring or the pendant!

There is one style for men: Modern (All rings are 925 sterling silver. The Modern style also has some gold.

Available colors: Purple Majesty and Midnight Blue
Men’s sizes: 5-15
They can easily be resized by a professional jeweler for an exact fit.

The Personal Rejuvenizer is a personal subtle energy device that addresses the weakening of our etheric body when we are exposed to the negative energy from electromagnetic fields.  When we are exposed to high power lines, cell towers, electronic devices, airport security scanners, computers, TV’s, radios, cell phones, microwave ovens and other EMFs, this exposure drains our vital life force from our body and alters the body’s natural polarity.  This can contribute to a weakened immune system and a variety of other health concerns, since the etheric body is the blueprint for the physical.  As with all of our Rejuvenizer EMF Protection devices, energetic upgrades are included for a lifetime of etheric healing and protection.  Personal Rejuvenizers are available as Pendants or Rings.

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