Pet Rejuvenizers

new-bright-pet-rejuvThis device harmonizes and protects your pets in the same way the Personal Rejuvenizer® does for people. Animals may experience a decrease in illness and enjoy a happier disposition. You can attach the Pet Rejuvenizer® to your pet’s collar, or simply attach it to his or her water or food bowl. One Pet Rejuvenizer® will work for all the animals who live inside your house, when attached to the bowl. A separate Pet Rejuvenizer® will take care of all your animals living outside your house, when attached to their food or water container.

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“My cat has had rather severe asthma for at least five years. I got him a Pet Rejuvenizer a couple of months ago and he got immediate results. He was hacking away when it came in the mail. The next day, his lungs were cleared out. That was truly a miracle if you ask me. He’s been so much better since he’s had his Pet Rejuvenizer, it’s unbelievable. I am so relieved.”

–C.J., San Francisco, California USA


“I wanted to let you know how well the Pet Rejuvenizer has worked for my outdoor cats. Actually, as soon as I sent you an email describing my problem of a neighbor cat chasing off my outdoor cats and asking whether a Pet Rejuvenizer would help, the neighbor cat became less of a problem.  As soon as I got the Rejuvenizer in the mail the neighbor cat did not totally disappear but my cats were back immediately!  We didn’t even have to wait the three weeks that you thought we would, Phyllis, and your prediction of solving the problem about 90% was totally right!”

“And while I’m writing about experiences, I have had some incredible clearings since we had our last session in October. The work we did clearing anger and my beliefs about not being connected to the Source have brought many more clearings of old emotional energy. Its been terrific!  Thank you.”

—C. J., Student,  San Francisco, California

 “My dog would not eat for four years; you’d really have to coax him. He had no interest in food and no appetite whatsoever. He’d eat just enough to survive, but that was all. Now, with the Pet Rejuvenizer, he has a voracious appetite, as well as a lot more energy. Also, interestingly enough, he seems more attuned to me than ever before.”

 —A. I., Homemaker,  Houston, Texas, USA

“Abandoned at ten months old, Sugar seemed sad and lethargic when we adopted him. I got him a Pet Rejuvenizer immediately, and he has since become the most unusually playful, happy, and contented cat I’ve ever seen. He purrs most of the time, puts up with my rambunctious four-year old son, loves to travel in the car, and is amazingly calm around other animals, even large dogs! The Pet Rejuvenizer seems to have made a real difference!”

—M.T., Housewife, Burnsville, Minnesota, USA


“Ever since I got a Pet Rejuvenizer, my cats are all getting along better. My wild female cat that always hisses at my male cat, now lets him lick her instead. She has also stopped scratching me every time I pick her up. Both cats have become much more affectionate and friendly and seem to really understand me more when I talk to them. “

—H.S., Personal Trainer,  Katy, Texas, USA


“My wife and I adopted a kitten for our daughter, but after we got it home, it got extremely sick and had trouble breathing. (We think it was because of all the immunization shots it had been given just before we took it home.) I actually didn’t think the animal was going to live. I decided to try the Pet Rejuvenizer, along with some nutritional support, to see if that would help. After a few days, the kitty has come back to life and is playing and frolicking about like normal.”

—G.K., Nutritional Consultant, Austin, Texas, USA


All testimonials or endorsements reflect the individual’s personal opinion and are not given on behalf of any entity or organization. The individuals were not provided with any monies or gifts for their letters of recommendation and experience.

In addition, individual results with Rejuvenizers may vary. Many people experience positive changes in their lives. Some people may simply use the Rejuvenizer on faith, based on the positive experiences of others. If a person “doesn’t feel anything” with ongoing Rejuvenizer use, we sometimes recommend private subconscious clearing work to remove deep blockages to perceiving subtle energies.