Travel Rejuvenizers

rejuv_travelMake your travel safe, less draining, and less frustrating with the Travel Rejuvenizer®, as it creates a positive, life-supporting energy field, negating the detrimental effects from close proximity to high tension power lines, electrical power plants, and even from the vehicle’s own battery and alternator/generator. In addition, it has a special encoded function that helps you and the other drivers in the near vicinity to stay maximally alert and focused, minimizing the possibility of anyone causing an accident. Very practical!

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Mini-Travel Rejuvenizer


The latest addition to our Rejuvenizer family, the “Mini-Travel Rejuvenizer,” can be carried in a man’s wallet or in a woman’s small purse. It costs the same as the Travel Rejuvenizer, since it performs the exact same functions. We have added the “mini” size for additional convenience and preference.

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The other day, while I was driving through a parking lot, two teenage boys were backing out of a parking space right into my car. Their music was blaring and they didn’t even look to see if anyone was coming. I was completely certain they were going to hit me, and felt powerless to prevent it. Suddenly they stopped and DIDN’T hit my car. It was nothing short of a miracle. It must have been my Travel Rejuvenizer, as there is no other explanation as to why I wasn’t hit!

— C.G., Professional Speaker,  Escondido, California, USA


“Since getting the Travel Rejuvenizer, I have had four near misses with other cars, and not one single collision. One time, it was nothing but a total miracle that we weren’t hit!! We had pulled out into an intersection after our light turned green, and all of a sudden, we were directly in the path of a van that had run the red light at full speed. There was NO WAY this van was not going to hit us! But somehow, incredibly enough, it missed us! The Travel Rejuvenizer really works!”

—T.C., Sr. Vice President. Corporate Development,  Atlanta, GA, USA


 “I feel lighter, safer, and more relaxed when I drive with my Travel Rejuvenizer in place. In addition, I have had several close calls, where it seemed quite miraculous that I was able to avoid an accident. I know my Travel Rejuvenizer is helping me big time!”

 —R.M., Esthetician, Houston, TX, USA


 “Between the Travel and the Personal Rejuvenizer, I am much calmer when I drive. I used to get very defensive. Now, driving is very pleasant; I no longer feel rushed and on edge. My energy level is much higher, and I can go all day without getting tired.”

 —E B., Psychotherapist, Raleigh, N.C., USA


“I’m alert now. I used to be so sleepy. I find I have long drives… I stay alert all the way through, and I’m enjoying driving. I’m in major traffic everyday. For the Travel Rejuvenizer to help me with that is wonderful!”

—R.O., Massage Therapist,  Atlanta, Georgia, USA


All testimonials or endorsements reflect the individual’s personal opinion and are not given on behalf of any entity or organization. The individuals were not provided with any monies or gifts for their letters of recommendation and experience.

In addition, individual results with Rejuvenizers may vary. Many people experience positive changes in their lives. Some people may simply use the Rejuvenizer on faith, based on the positive experiences of others. If a person “doesn’t feel anything” with ongoing Rejuvenizer use, we sometimes recommend private subconscious clearing work to remove deep blockages to perceiving subtle energies.