EMF Frequencies Beyond Human Tolerance

When wireless internet first came into use, I was very concerned. Although they said that “scientifically” the frequencies emitted by “wifi” are harmless, the frequencies still batter the human energy field on a continuous, 24/7 basis. Such constant bombardment weakens … Continue reading

EMF Protection Devices

Every day we receive many requests from people who are have questions about just how bombarded we are from electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  We invested much time and effort to help people learn about what we are talking about when we tell … Continue reading

WiMAX in Chicago: An Untested Health Hazard?

I was intuitively looking at the WiMAX network.  A colleague asked me, does it give off ionizing radiation or non-ionizing radiation?  I asked her to explain further.  Ionizing radiation is tissue heating.  It changes the chemical structure of the body, … Continue reading