A Majorly Toxic EMF Moment

June 05, 2009

The other day, I had to go to the Apple Store, as I needed to get a wireless internet card for my very old laptop computer. I was updating it for an out of town trip I was about to take. After all the sales people in the store giggled in fascination and amazement about how old my computer was, my sales person let me know that they no longer carried the card for my computer, because of its age, but there was a place in town where I could go find what I needed. She called the place for me from one of the I-Phones on display, and handed the phone to me to get directions directly from them. I put the phone to my left ear, and talked to the guy for all of 3 minutes, while I copied down directions. After I got off the phone, I suddenly felt dizzy and woozy and had a strong pain in my RIGHT ear. Wow, that was weird. Of course I had my Rejuvenizer on, but I knew I was having a majorly toxic EMF moment, and knew I would need to do a major upgrade to all of the Rejuvenizers. As I walked out of the store, I analyzed what had happened. The pain in my right ear was still very strong. It actually took about 1/2 hour to dissipate!!! What I saw was this: The frequencies and electromagnetic fields filling the Apple Store (think about all the computers and cell phones they had operating in the store to show their customers) were interacting with each other in the same way that I’ve seen electricity act within a given space. Let me explain. What I observed and realized about electricity many years ago, is that the “particles of energy” that run through all the various wires and circuits in the walls of your home or office, “talk with each other” and come together in the center of that space, forming these “lines of connection.” It’s like all the lines of energy going around the room in the walls are drawn to connect with the lines of energy going through the other walls.. and they sort of meet in the middle. Any given normal size room could have 4,000 to 5,000 of these line running through it. Then, you have this huge cluster of energetic lines that clog your space and make it feel denser and heavier. And we’ve grown accustomed, over the years, to living with this dense, heavy, and often depressing energy. I set it up years ago, for the Rejuvenizer to disperse this negative energy that runs through our spaces because of how electric current operates, which is why your home or office always feels so much lighter, peaceful, and even uplifting once the Indoor Rejuvenizers are placed around the room. Well, after observing the energy in the Apple Store, I realized that the frequencies were behaving in much the same way as the “lines of energy” from electricity. They, too, were attempting to connect with one another. I realized that on my left ear, I had the I-Phone. Then, all the frequencies that filled the store, were attempting to “meet” the frequencies of the I-Phone… and the path they took was through my right ear and brain and out the left ear, to the phone. That’s why my RIGHT ear took the pounding. I was protected from the I-Phone by my Rejuvenizer, but my Rejuvenizer wasn’t prepared for the huge onslaught of frequencies that came pouring into my head through my right ear. Like I said, I immediately felt dizzy and wobbly and my ear continued to hurt for a half hour. It was wild. I can hardly imagine someone in there without the protection of a Rejuvenizer!!!! Of course, I updated my devices to handle such a situation. This is why I am always doing updates. I can’t ask for protection from something that I don’t know exists. I do my best to stay on top of the various technological changes taking place all the time in our world today for this reason.