Spiritual Growth

This is the foundation for all of my work.  I heard a meditation lecture in 1971 that said we are only using 5-10% of our mind and our potential, and that we have the ability to use 100%.  That was the moment that actually structured the rest of my life.  Becoming all that I can be, actualizing my full human potential... these have been my goals ever since that time.  And the work I do absolutely supports you in achieving those goals as well.

As you clear the negative programming and energies that block full human awareness, you expand your capacity to love, to feel, to connect with your Higher Self and ultimately to God—or the Universe, or whatever your concept of full spiritual connection includes.  Before I had any awareness of "being on a spiritual path," I used to be very negative and unhappy.

I didn't even know if God or a Higher Power existed, because my stress and negativity kept me from having an expanded awareness where that could be a reality for me.  As my stress and negativity diminished over time, my sense of "something larger than myself" continued to grow, and the more that happened, the more I felt connected to my true Self, and the better I felt in life.

In my "Telepathic Healing," I help you to expand past your current boundaries and limited belief systems.  I don't tell you what to believe, as is the case with most religions, I simply help you to grow and experience life differently, by reducing the stress and negativity that your old subconscious programming produces within you.

By leading you out of your negativity and limiting thought patterns, I open more doors for you into the exciting world of personal and spiritual growth.  Whether we focus specifically on helping you grow spiritually or not, all the clearing you receive will support you in this area as well—helping you to develop your full human and spiritual potential.

To me, growing spiritually means learning to choose:  goodness and Light, compassion and understanding, and acceptance of yourself and others.  The more spiritually evolved you are, the more you truly want the best for everyone and the easier it is to resolve problems by creating "win/win" situations for all concerned.  As you grow spiritually, it becomes easier to align with "Higher" beliefs of abundance rather than scarcity and lack, trust rather than fear, forgiveness rather than revenge, and oneness rather than separation. 

You always have a choice how to perceive life, that is, whether to let your old negative programs dominate your thinking, or consciously choose to believe something different.  Whatever you choose to believe will impact how you feel and determine which experiences you draw to you.

Participating in my "Telepathic Healing" work, will allow you to eliminate the old programs that diminish your happiness, ability to love, and your experience of true spiritual connection.  This will allow you to find greater fulfillment and joy, deep within yourself.

Here are the specific things I offer that will help you grow spiritually:

1)  Clearing Sessions.  These will help you clear your specific blocks to opening up to greater spiritual awareness and personal transformation.  See different session options.

a)  I also created a specialized clearing program, “The Spiritual Package”—to   support you in dealing with this particular aspect of your life.   Read more…

2)  Rejuvenizers®

Personal Rejuvenizer®My Rejuvenizer technology will also help you grow spiritually, by clearing the fragmentation of your energy field around the crown or spiritual chakra at the top of the head.  This fragmentation occurs from all the high-tech frequencies that disrupt the energy field constantly, as they pass through this area.  These fragmentations then remain above the head and block the influx of spiritual energy through the crown chakra.  Thus, the frequencies in our world not only create physical problems and make you feel more stressed and irritable, but they challenge you spiritually as well.

When the crown chakra is blocked in this way, spiritual energy cannot feed the subtle bodies the way it's supposed to do.  You have less ability to connect to your Higher Self, to be intuitive and aware, to express who you truly are as a spiritual being, and to love.  That is how the fourth through seventh chakras are affected.

When your first, second, and third chakras receive less spiritual energy flowing through them, you feel less in charge of your life and more victimized by the people and circumstances around you.  You feel less powerful to get things handled, less creative, your sexual drive can be diminished, and your fears around surviving in the world can be increased.

The chakra system needs to be functioning well, in order for you to feel more grounded and whole, and connected spiritually.  The Personal Rejuvenizer clears all the high-tech fragmentations that occur, repairs your energy field, restores it to normal, and puts an energetic shield around you to prevent any further fragmentation from taking place.  It is a must for anyone who truly wants to be all of who they are, as a spiritual being of Light and Love.

Many have reported feeling more intuitive after just a short time of wearing the Personal Rejuvenizer.  This is a direct result of opening up the chakra system to more spiritual energy!    Read more….

3) Communications Breakthrough System

Again, all the work you do on yourself with the techniques I have created, clears out old debris and negativity in the subconscious.  As this negativity is eliminated, there is more space for a Higher energy of Love and Light to enter.  Whenever you do the techniques I have created, it will not only help you FEEL better, but help you grow spiritually as well.

Letting go of your “old baggage” significantly helps you to rise to a higher expression of who you really are.  You are not your old thoughts, although many people think they are.  The more you are able to clear the old negative thoughts and feelings, the more you will see “a new you” appearing, the one that had gotten buried under all of that negativity so many years (and I believe many lifetimes) ago.  Read more….