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If love and relationships were easy, then we'd all be happily involved with the perfect partner and experience ongoing contentment and satisfaction in love.  If you interviewed a random group of 100 people, you'd be hard-pressed to find the majority of them having such an experience in their lives.  The challenge we all have is the negative programming we received about love and relationships as a child.

Depending on their stress level and how they were programmed, our parents may have been unloving toward us, didn't pay attention to us, or treated us abusively on some level.  We often learned that love was abusive, unkind, or just didn't exist for us.

We also watched how our parents interacted with each other, as that was our role model for love.  Did they treat each other with love and respect, or did they fight a lot?  And, in the end, did they stay together or go their separate ways?

We are not blaming our parents here, as they were programmed during their upbringing as well.  We're simply saying that if you experienced feeling unloved or unwanted as a child, for example, then you carry those same feelings and programs into your adult life, and play them out with your relationship partner, often blaming him or her for not loving or wanting you.  You may choose to switch partners frequently, but until you clear and heal those deep negative programs within yourself, your experience of love and relationships will essentially remain the same.

In my "Telepathic Healing," we work on eliminating those negative beliefs and programs you carry from the past that keep you from finding fulfillment and love—both within yourself and within your relationships.  Again, we are working on YOU, to effect a change in your life.  All patterns that block healthy relationships are within you, and as you clear those patterns, your relationships will reflect ever-increasing love and joy over time.

Here are the specific things I offer that will help you create healthier, more positive, loving relationship experiences:

1)  Clearing Sessions. These help you work through your blocks, as fast as possible, to having the love and relationships you want in your life.   See different session options.

a) I also offer a specialized clearing program,”The Love and Relationships Package” in which we address your issues in this area.   Read more…

2) Books by Phyllis Light, Ph.D.

I have written several books that give you the understanding and insights you need to support you in creating healthy, successful, loving relationships in your life.

a)  Prince Charming Lives!* *Princess Charming Does Too
b)  Love Now, Here’s How
c)  Basic Truths About the Nature of Life        

See books.

3) The Communications Breakthrough System, also helps you clear negative feelings and beliefs as they surface, to restore the love and peace you and your partner had previously enjoyed.  (The Communications Breakthrough System can also be used if you are single, as it will help you clear old negative programs that block love and harmony within you, creating the space for you to have better, healthier relationships when the time is right for you.)

4) The Love Oracle is a wonderful online system, to help tap you into a “Higher Knowledge” for wisdom and guidance with your relationship challenges.