Health & Well-Being


We live in a fast-paced, frequency-filled, high-tech world, where time is at a premium and people can easily get drained and stressed trying to keep up with their daily obligations.  For many, grabbing fast food on the run is a part of managing their time, which also doesn't contribute to greater health and well-being.  We live in a world that doesn't support us in being well; we have to work at it.

For many of you who come home from a long, stress-filled day at work, the best you can do for yourself is to "veg out" in front of the television.  Yes, TV is a wonderful escape; however, does TV-watching contribute to your health and well-being?  Unless you watch while on a rowing machine, treadmill, or exercise bike, probably not.

In my work, "Telepathic Healing," we focus on helping you be more well from the inside out.  That is, we clear your negative subconscious programs that create fatigue, stress, and self-sabotaging behaviors.  The ultimate purpose is to find and clear all the beliefs and energies within you that are creating the health challenges you experience.

What, within you, is keeping you from choosing more self-nurturing, life-supporting behaviors and circumstances?  Which subconscious beliefs and programs are keeping you from creating a life that supports you in feeling well and energized?  As we clear your blocks that attract stress and negativity, you naturally start to feel better about yourself, and you begin to attract people and circumstances that support you in creating greater health and well-being in all aspects of your life.

I also am a big believer in nutrition as fundamental to maintaining good health.  We carry a variety of nutritional supplements that I have taken myself for many years.  I find that people are often confused about how to select a high quality product that can be trusted.  Helping steer you towards good nutritional supplements is part of my way of supporting you in this challenging area.

Here are the specific things I offer that will help you create greater health, aliveness, and well-being:

1)  Clearing Sessions

Working with me in this way gives you the potential to work through your blocks—as fast as possible—to creating the state of health and well-being you desire.   See different session options.

a) I also created a specialized clearing program, “The ‘Soul Diet’ that Works” to help you lose weight by clearing the specific negative energies that “make you feel and be heavy.”   Read more...  

2)  Rejuvenizers

The Rejuvenizers keep your physical and subtle bodies from getting hit by approximately 300,000 life-damaging frequencies per minute—from cell phones, computers, overhead TV and radio satellite transmissions, GPS, WiFi, Smart meters, microwaves, and all things electric and electronic.  All such bombardments on your subtle and physical bodies weaken you over time, often taking a toll on the immune system first.

The daily onslaught of frequencies can cause your immune system to go into "overdrive," as it tries, unsuccessfully, to fight off all the negative energies.  Thus you see so many more allergies, cancer, and other auto-immune type disorders in our world today.

With the protection that the Rejuvenizers provide, many people report getting sick less over time.  The Rejuvenizers are a must in a high-tech world, to help people be as healthy as possible.  They can even have a positive, neutralizing effect on many viruses and bacteria that make people sick, as many have shared that they no longer get sick when the people around them are sick.   Read more…

3)  Supplements I Recommend

They say that the fruits and vegetables in our modern world have declined in the nutrients they carry since the 1950's, due to high-yield crop farming methods and chemicals sprayed on the plants.  It is said that you have to eat fifty bowls of spinach now to equal the nutritional value of one bowl of spinach in the 1950's.

Whether this is totally true, I believe that it is challenging to get all the nutrients you need solely from the food you eat.  And how often do you eat "only food that is good for you"?  In our modern times, it's often easy to fill the body with empty calories, or white flour products that produce poor health over time.

I do recommend eating healthy foods of course, but I believe that at least, a wise person would add nutritional supplements to their diet, to make sure the body is getting all that it needs to thrive in life.  Here is a list of the ones we carry, most of which I've taken myself for many years (or give to my pets).   Read more…

4)  Anti-Aging Department

We have a special supplement in this category, Liquid Biocell Life.  This is a "Liquid Nutraceutical" product that is unique in the market place, holding seven U.S. and International patents.  Read more…   

5)  Books by Phyllis Light, Ph.D.

a)  Prince Charming Lives!* / Finding the Love of Your Life (*Princess Charming Does Too),

b)  Love Now, Here’s How / 26 Roadblocks to Healthy Relationships & How to Clear Them

c)  Basic Truths About the Nature of Life

My books support your well-being by offering several healing techniques that allow you to work on yourself whenever you feel bad or have negative emotions that dominate your thinking.  If you work on yourself when you think or feel negatively, then you may nip in the bud any illness that could manifest in your body at a later date.

All illness comes from negative thoughts and feelings that ultimately manifest in the physical body.  Some of these are subconscious, which can make them difficult to find—prior to getting sick.  However, if you diligently work on yourself whenever you feel bad or notice a lot of negative thoughts, this can keep you healthy to a great degree.  It is our unchecked negativity that ultimately shows up as a physical problem—to get us to pay attention and hopefully change something within us.  Read more…

6)  Communications Breakthrough System

This system also gives you a profound tool for dealing with anything negative going on in your world— within your body, your relationships, your job, etc.  Clearing the negativity you feel in the various areas of your life, will help empower you to keep that negative energy from manifesting into a physical problem in your body.  All the work you do on yourself is valuable and can only contribute to your health and well-being.  Read more…