Communications Breakthrough System

The Communications Breakthrough System provides a life-long tool that empowers you to effectively work on yourself, while simultaneously receiving Phyllis' deep healing work in the background.  Encoded with special healing energies, this product helps you to experience greater harmony and success in every aspect of your life. 

[An Important Note:  You must purchase the system to get the benefits from using it.  It will not work for you if you copy it from the site.  No copy or reproduction of it will have the same healing energy or give you the benefits that come from using the original system.]

The System includes:

—A large Communications Breakthrough Board that you can use by yourself or with a partner
—A smaller board for travel
—An in-depth Instruction Manual
—A 40-page full-color book, “Basic Truths About the Nature of Life"
—A letter of explanation from Phyllis as to the “hidden secrets” that make The Communications Breakthrough System so powerful

Read about the secrets as to why this is so powerful. (PDF) 114 KB

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