Mission Statement

Phyllis Light’s mission is to raise the level of Light and Spiritual awareness for as many people on the planet as possible, while expanding their capacity to love and feel compassion for all of humankind.

Our logo, the lighthouse, symbolizes the Light that guides and protects travelers on their journey through life as they search for truth, goodness, love, and clarity.  The lighthouse represents a source of hope and upliftment, as its light is always there, burning bright, to show the way and guide weary travelers home—to the safe harbor of their soul.

We provide tools to empower you to achieve greater self-mastery and success in life, while increasing your spiritual awareness and connection to your "Higher Intuitive Self."  Our services help you experience more love in your life and greater happiness, joy, and peace within.

The tools Phyllis Light provides include a variety of products and services that address the impact of the physical environment on you as a spiritual Being, while helping you increase your spiritual power by strengthening the Light within.  We specialize in helping you release negative energies and subconscious programming in order to free you to create the life you truly want for yourself.  Phyllis' work helps you to both fulfill your Highest spiritual purpose here and achieve your life's goals.