August 27, 2016

Feeling the Pulse of Planet Earth

As you probably know, I do my best to “keep my finger on the pulse of the Planet.” Many of you have been writing in, “What’s going on out there??!!!!!” So I am finally able to let you know what I’m sensing.

We have talked all about the three-year period of intense spiritual growth that took place between May, 2012 and Dec, 2015… and we were all so excited for that to end. However, it turns out, that period involved DEEP changes within our UNconscious self, and we really didn’t know what was taking place at the time. We just knew that we felt insecure a lot, because everything was changing, but we couldn’t quite pinpoint what that was. There was a lot of feeling out of control during that period.

So what’s happening now is that ALL those deep changes we were clueless about for those three years, have to be dealt with CONSCIOUSLY. That is, It’s time to sort out all of that, and re-look at our lives, to decide what stays and what goes. We are no longer the same person we once were before all this started… yet, we may be in the same situations, relationships, jobs, communities, or having the same negative patterns, behaviors, or habitual responses to life. The challenge is that our current circumstances, habits, and behaviors may no longer match who we have become on the inside. And this can create both inner and outer turmoil and conflict. It’s never easy to say goodbye to something you have known or that has been with you for a long time. You are stepping out on a precipice, and it’s scary, with an unknown future accompanying the process. But it feels right from inside. So many of you are working through the conflicts all of this brings up.

Some people have begun to embrace the new changes in their lives, and have gracefully moved forward with all that they’ve been inspired to do, so the conflict may be less severe for those folks. What I have been seeing for many is this crazy need to BUSY THEMSELVES “ad nauseum.” I mean, if you took a poll of all the people in your life and asked them, “Do you have time to…. (do whatever),?” 99% of them would say, “No, I’m too busy,” or “Maybe later, my life is too hectic right now.” Can you relate?

Two weeks ago, I had sooo much on my plate that I seriously felt like I was going to implode. It felt like way too much for one human being to handle. I pushed myself back from my desk, took several deep breaths, and said, “Okay, what do I need to do here?… and more importantly, what do I need to clear within myself?” I did a bunch of clearing on myself, as I really wasn’t into “imploding”!!!… and then made this huge decision, to organize my desk, my office, and finally my entire home. I just decided to deal with all those items on my “have to do immediately” list one at a time, in order of priority. I was able to back myself “off the cliff” and regroup. It felt great. Clearing out all the clutter in this way had been a long time coming… years probably!! So this period of time is really great for making changes in your life that you’ve been wanting to make for a very long time!

I am seeing the “insane busy-ness” that seems to be going on as a way to not look inside, and not deal with all that you’re feeling within yourself. The problem with this is that without taking this important time to reflect, the Universe and your Higher Self, could well conspire to MAKE you slow down. I have seen a handful of people create “accidents” during this time, where they have been forced to STOP, take it easy, and look at what’s really going on inside.

That’s not what you want to do. You want to give yourself whatever time you need to step back from all the busy-ness, breathe, take care of yourself, and make new decisions about how you want to run your life. Being super busy just gets you to burn out faster. This is a time to figure out why, on some level, you’re choosing to burn out faster, and change how you do life. This is what’s up for us all.

May you find peace and balance within yourself and your life!!!