January 18, 2021

written for Wisdom Magazine: September, 2020

Connecting with the Love Inside Above All Else

One of our biggest challenges in today’s world is connecting with the love inside of us. Why? Most of us are “wired” to see, think and feel the way everyone in the world sees, thinks and feels. That is, we WANT to fit in; we WANT to be like everyone else, so they will like us, accept us, and not reject us. So it is very common to “do as they do,” and believe whatever they believe. 

The problem with this is that we lose the connection with who we truly are, deep within. And that connection happens through love. When we buy into the beliefs and programs of others, we stop loving and honoring ourselves for being who we are, and we take on whatever is happening around us. In today’s world, it has been extra hard to maintain that loving and nurturing connection with your true, inner self.

There is so much fear being promulgated in the world today, that it is easy to be swayed off center and absorb much of that fear. And fear absolutely pulls you away from your loving core. When you live in fear, you continually attract more circumstances and experiences that promote fear. Like attracts like. 

When you live in a heart-centered state of love, you attract more situations and experiences that validate that love, and make you more grateful and appreciative for all the good you have in your life. In realizing this, it does seem far more practical to let yourself be in touch with your natural birthright, love, than to buy into the fear that seems to be in abundance in those around you. So where do you start? 

Sometimes the fear and negativity we experience can seem quite overwhelming. Often we feel totally overcome by it all and unable to extricate ourselves from it. Sometimes we just give into it in despair, feeling like there’s really no way out no matter what. Hopelessness is quite common in the world today, because there often seems to be “no solution,” just never-ending problems and stress. 

The good news, however, is that you can absolutely turn this all around for yourself. That is, you can make a decision, deep within your being, to no longer live in such fear and negativity. This “declaration at the soul level” will start moving you in the direction of fulfilling your desires, regardless of how long it takes. 

In truth, time doesn’t matter. It is the desire to change how life has been for you and the direction in which you choose to move that are most important. If you continue to believe in and energize the hopeless and despair within, you will get more of that energy. If you decide that “enough is enough” and you are ready to climb out of the negativity inundating you—that is what the Universe will hear, and it will respond accordingly. 

Electromagnetic Fields Impact Your Ability to Love 

Because it can be so challenging to connect and STAY in touch with the love we have inside, it is important to set up our environment to be supportive and nurturing to us. Our surroundings can have a huge impact on us, although sometimes we are totally unaware of how we are being affected.

In researching the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and other high-tech frequencies on the human body and energy field for many years, I have learned that our environment can either support our aliveness and well-being or dampen it, making us feel tired and burned out. All of these high-tech frequencies—emitted by our computer, Smart phone, WiFi, overhead TV and radio satellites, Smart meters and other devices in our homes, basically all things electric and electronic—lower the life force in any given space (home or office). 

They create an unnatural environment that pulls on our natural energy field and drains us. These fields and frequencies are not in harmony with our own personal energy field. We have to literally fight against them in order to maintain our life force and personal energy. 

So, how do you feel relaxed and at peace when you are literally “fighting off” something that is trying to drain you 24/7? It’s really hard. Having spent a great part of my life feeling drained by my surroundings, I had to figure this out. 

What I learned is that you can actually remove the effects of all those negative fields and frequencies from your space, and when you do that, the wonderful, supportive, natural life force that exists everywhere in Life returns to the space. This will support you in feeling alive and well, energized by your space rather than drained by it. 

In addition, the more you use electronic media to communicate, the more you are exposing yourself to these life-damaging frequencies. Many are coping in today’s world by using Zoom to meet with friends, loved ones, and co-workers. This has been incredibly practical; however, it has also increased your exposure to these high-tech fields and frequencies. 

It has been documented for many years that exposure to EMFs and other high-tech frequencies can produce depression, irritability, fatigue, stress, and immune system problems. How in the world can all of that support you in feeling more loved and nurtured? If you’re busy fighting off fatigue and depression, where is the space to find that core of love deep within you? It is a lot more difficult to say the least. 

Put out your intention to experience a profound change in how life has been for you. Remember, “ask and ye shall receive.” (And if you don’t ask, it’s not going to come your way.) Be willing to find ways to overcome the effects of all the detrimental fields and frequencies in our world today, allowing you to create a more supportive and nurturing environment. Be willing to learn and grow from all that you experience, in order to increase the flow of love and nurturing into your life.