Energetic Help for the Eyes, Short-Term Memory, and More

April 04, 2008

I’ve done a lot of work on healing my eyes, along with my short-term memory, yet both have continued to be issues for me. When I looked deeper to see what was going on, I could feel some “fuzziness” around my eyes and head at a real deep level, and saw some “cracks” in the energy field there. So, I “tuned in” to see what all that was, and was amazed at what I found.

Apparently, regular computer use affects us in subtle ways I had not yet become aware of, so I’ve had to add new functions to the Personal Rejuvenizer to protect and heal us from this new phenomenon I discovered.  It seems as if the EMFs from the computer, in combination with the jagged digital frequencies you face as you read information on the computer screen, create some additional energetic problems.

I discovered that the energy coming off the computer actually affects the “subtle eye,” which is the “blueprint” for the physical eye.  With regular computer use, the energy field around the eye gets cracked, broken, distorted, and weakened, and the protective layer of energy around the eye becomes thin and less effective.

What does this do to the eye?  (I asked this question, then got the answer below.)

It weakens and debilitates the eye, distorts the vision, and creates lack of health in the physical eye.

So evidently, although I had done a lot of subconscious clearing around “vision issues”… “what was I reluctant or resistant to seeing?”… “what was going on with me at a deep level that was causing my eyes to dysfunction?”, there was something else energetically affecting my eyes.

In addition, I received this: 

This combination of negative energies messes up certain parts of the brain as well, because of the proximity to the eye.  The etheric body near the eyes gets damaged, and then this translates into problems with the physical body in that area. 
How does it affect the brain?

• Creates problems with short-term memory

• Creates problems with logical concepts and numbers

• Dulls one’s ability to be creative

• Creates certain language problems (e.g. you can’t remember words, or are not able to find words when you go to speak.)

[If you think this “just sounds like aging,” then I would say, “it seems like regular computer use is aging us faster!”]

Is everyone susceptible, i.e., is it the same for everyone?

Some people have stronger physical and subtle constitutions. They could get close to 50% less damage. Genetics are the determining factor. 

Can we put it in the Personal Rejuvenizer to fix the cracks in the etheric body around the eyes and brain and therefore help improve the physical eyes and brain?

Yes, you need to add specific healing and protective functions to do this.

Approximately how long will it take to repair the subtle body and then the physical, for most people?

7-10 days to repair the subtle body and 1-2 2/3 months (depending on the person) to normalize the physical from this problem.

Although our computers are an invaluable aid in daily life, you have to wonder about the hidden “cost” to our health and well-being. I continue to work on the Rejuvenizer technology to help people thrive and prosper, while living in a world filled with chaotic and life-damaging frequencies.

Phyllis Light