Feeling Sick Lately?

February 11, 2008

Working in the field of health and well-being, I am able to notice certain patterns that appear. I have noticed that, for about the past 3 months, more people than normal have been getting sick with flu-like symptoms.  Many of these people have said to me, “I NEVER get sick”… so whatever is going on is highly unusual.  In fact, I have been blessed with the ability to clear viruses and bacteria that cause flu-like symptoms (as of the past 13 years), so I, too, am one of those people who NEVER gets sick.

However, a few weeks ago, even I kept attracting weird virus-like things that made me feel very sick.  It was so bizarre… I can clear those things, and have my Personal Rejuvenizer set up to clear them as well.  Yet, they kept getting through!  Another very odd occurrence. I will share what I know on two levels, to shed some light on the situation.


First, I turn to astrology to get an overview of the planetary energies taking place at this time.  Astrology is not the “causal factor” but more the illuminating factor, giving us folks down here on earth the possibility of understanding what is going on with the planet energetically.  I am not an astrologer, so I invite you to research this more if you’re interested, however I see a couple of things that are worth noting.  We have been having a “Mars/Pluto opposition.”  (You can research the timing of this and how long it will continue.)  Mars rules the first house which is your physical body… and also your identity.  Pluto is the planet of deep renewal and transformation.  Pluto represents the phoenix rising from the ashes and ascending heavenward.  The problem is that Pluto also includes an aspect of “crashing and burning” first.  For the phoenix to rise from the ashes, it has to first fall into the fire and get burned.

So, what we have here, in part, is a “crashing and burning” phase that is directly affecting our physical bodies. Can you relate?  In other words, our negative programming about “being in a body,” “enjoying being in a body,” “feeling connected to our body,” “pushing ourselves to do more when our body doesn’t want to,” etc. is “up for review.” 

What happens is that you get sick because of your programming—perhaps by attracting the new viruses that seem to be appearing (we’ll talk about this more in a moment). Then you “get to be right” about your negative beliefs. The ones I’ve seen many are having right now go like this:  “I hate being in a body.”  “Being in a body is hard.” “Being in a body isn’t fun.” (Of course it’s not, especially when you’re sick!!) “I’d rather die than be here.”  “I feel like I’m dying here.”  “Who wants to be here anymore?”…. and with this one, there’s a sense of losing meaning and purpose to life.  You get the idea: lots of negative beliefs and feelings about being in a body, even as far as feeling like you’re dying or wanting to die. 

These thoughts and feelings generally have their roots in past life experiences, and they are coming up now for review and clearing.  If you clear the negative programs that surface as you go through this period, you will come out of this feeling much lighter and freer of your old negative programming that attracted the sickness to you in the first place.

Ultimately, if we do our best to “ride the high side” and be positive throughout the experience (no matter how bad we may feel in the moment), we come out better, stronger, and transformed in our experience of being in the body.  Perhaps if we get sick long enough, it will feel so much better once we’re healthy, that we will appreciate that state of health and well-being even more.  There is definitely a transformational side to all this, although while we’re going through the sick part, there doesn’t seem to be much positivity in sight.

Sometimes we go through this experience by projection: that is, we have loved ones in our life, either people or pets, who are sick or have even died. But remember, it’s no accident what is going on around us. It is all there for the purpose of our own spiritual growth and awareness. So, even though we don’t go through the negative feelings directly through our own bodies, we still feel them because of what’s going on in the bodies of those around us. Mars opposed Pluto definitely brings up more “sickness” and more “death” stuff than we normally would be experiencing.


Second, I am very aware of a phenomenon that seems to be taking place on this planet: the “downloading” of dark, anti-spiritual viruses and virus-like things by what I call “dark forces.”  It’s nothing to be scared of. It is just part of the challenge we all face being here, at this time, where the forces of dark are battling the forces of Light at a deep level for control. The Light is on the docket to win, however it still has many challenges to face during the process.

For many years, with a Personal Rejuvenizer , I have been able to avoid picking up any viruses or bacteria. I used to get sick all the time. With the Personal Rejuvenizer, I stopped getting sick. Now, with these new “downloads” of viruses, I am having to work extra hard to add new functions to the Rejuvenizers to clear them. I can’t protect from something that doesn’t yet exist, so once I’m aware of something new that has just made its debut on the planet, I quickly add clearing and healing functions to the Rejuvenizer to deal with the new problem at hand.

Ultimately, whenever we get sick, whether it’s by picking up a virus or due to negative subconscious programming, this is a “growth opportunity.” You have a chance to look within and re-work any places within you that make you feel weak, vulnerable, or stressed, that led to your being sick in the first place. This ultimately allows you to become stronger, freer, and clearer, so in the long run, it’s a good thing. 

I’m big on “techniques.”  When you feel sick, do something: 1) Call for a mini-session   2) Practice the  Rapid Integration Technique in Ch. 9 of Prince Charming Lives, Princess Charming Does Too,  3) Practice the Advanced Subconscious Clearing Technique on p. 27 of Love Now, Here’s How. That way, you will help yourself get through your sickness as rapidly as possible, and create greater freedom and better health for yourself in the long run.