Fixing the “Energetic Blueprint” for Human Beings

January 24, 2009

I have known for awhile that the original “Divine template for all human beings” was tampered with by dark forces many eons ago.  I continue to discover new ways in which this was done.  Today I saw that built into the “messed up template” is the need to struggle in life.  In a creation run by “the Light,” the struggling that we all go through, here in this creation, doesn’t happen.  [My guides told me that “in 43 years, this creation will no longer be run by the dark, but by the Light.”]  


What I saw was that the part of the template that holds “needing to struggle” in place had energetic “booby-traps” on it, and major, infinitely repeating curse energy on it, so no one would be able to undo it.  Once I am told of the mechanics of what’s holding it in place, I am able to undo it, and correct the damage that was done to the original human template.


I have encoded this function in the Personal Rejuvenizer, so that everyone with a Rejuvenizer would get this portion of their energetic template corrected.


Also programmed into the “erroneous template” that we all now possess is “to abhor the Light.”  Obviously this is not what the Creator intended, in that we are all Beings of Light at our essence.  To require us to “abhor the Light” is essentially asking us to hate being who we are and hate God.  Well, this makes sense in a creation that worships the dark and negative side of life (you can see this in action when you watch the evening news!); however, in truth, we have been tampered with.  


It is not “in our nature” to abhor the Light or abhor our spiritual essence.  It is simply that dark forces have done this to keep us down and to squelch our Light—in order to feed off our negativity and despair.  We have been in a dark cycle of an absence of Light for thousands of years.  We are moving toward a time when the Light will prevail and darkness will no longer take over people’s hearts and minds.  


I have upgraded the Personal Rejuvenizer to “repair” this part of the human template and restore it to normal, where the Light is loved, honored, and cherished.