March 11, 2020

The main problem in our world today, is that people are afraid—of bad things happening, of the unknown, and ultimately, of dying.  It's actually no accident we are feeling this way.  We have all been under the intense influence of the planets Pluto and Saturn for over a year now, and both planets have a "fear" and "death" component. This new virus upon us is actually "the perfect manifestation" of human consciousness at this time!!  Let me explain...

In this "Pluto/Saturn" period, we all have an opportunity to transform ourselves and to master life to a greater degree.  This is a wonderful thing, and an important part of human evolution. However, the "downside" to this process is that "part of you has to die, so that the NEW you can be reborn," and this feeling of "imminent death" that these planets bring, is what is causing this intense freakout on the planet at this time.

We have had MANY viruses come and go over the years. The media picks up the story, spreads it, we all go a little cuckoo, and shortly thereafter, the sensationalism dies down, and people stop worrying about it.  Why, then, is this virus so different?  I mean, the World Health Organization just  announced it to be a "pandemic."

This is because, for the past year, we have all been triggered in the "fear" and "death" departments of our subconscious mind.  And this virus is giving us something to really focus on and JUSTIFY those negative feelings.  Sometimes we don't even know we have those feelings, until something like this virus comes along to trigger them. That's what's going on now.

This virus is allowing us to get in touch with our fears—BIG TIME.  That's why I say it is a "perfect manifestation of human consciousness," as it is something we all need, on some level, to help us purge negativity from deep within our being.  The issue is: what do we do about it?  You have several choices actually:

1) Buy into your fears, stock up on hand sanitizer, and stay at home until your perceived "Armageddon" is over. (Not really practical, OR necessary.) 

2) Suppress your fears and don't deal with them... sort of shrugging off any idea that there is a problem going on, and just kind of ignore all the hoopla. There is a certain value to this, in that at least, you are not buying into and reinforcing the fears in your life. Anytime you buy into fear, you are making it stronger and more real in your experience, and then have more potential to attract to you whatever you are fearing, in this case, getting sick from a new, scary virus.

3) OWN all that you're feeling.  Realize that all the fears and negativity are INSIDE YOU, and roll up your sleeves and do the inner work necessary to free yourself from it all.  It is definitely do-able.  Those fears are often thousands of years old, from experiences you had  MANY LIFETIMES AGO.  But they are getting activated now—by the intensity of this "Pluto/Saturn" period—and they are coming up for "review and healing" at this time.

This last option is what I recommend you do, in order to take advantage of the true gifts that Pluto and Saturn bring. As you release your fears, you will get to a place of greater mastery over your life, with an increased sense of trust, joy, and gratitude for all the good aspects of your life. You will have a greater certainty of your strength and power, and your ability to create good health for yourself, regardless of what's going on "out there" in the world.

So Pluto is bringing the gift of transformation, as in the legendary bird crashing and burning in the fire from which the Phoenix—a Higher form of the bird— then rises from the ashes.  But first you have to "crash and burn" for the transformation to take place.  And this makes you feel like you're dying... and can be a scary process.

Then Saturn is bringing the gift of mastery, but in doing so, it reminds us of all our limitations and fears, and reasons we find to hold ourselves back and keep ourselves from attaining our goals.  So, in moving us toward mastery, Saturn is the stern taskmaster, reminding us of our worst enemy—our inner negativity and self doubt, and when this gets triggered, we get afraid and think that we're "not going to make it" as a result.

So when you combine the "fear of death" that Pluto can trigger, along with the "fear of not making it" that Saturn often triggers, you have the Corona virus and all the panic going on worldwide.  Like I said, it is giving us all a focus for all these worries and fears about dying we have been harboring inside us for eons. Now is a GREAT TIME to work on clearing those fears, so that you can ride the tide toward greater happiness and mastery of your life.  That's the "cosmic point" of all this.

I have created several techniques to help you work on yourself, and I also do major clearing on people to help them move through stuck places, like the one many are in now.  If you call my office and say, "I want a 'Pluto/Saturn' clearing," I'll know exactly what to do.  We may be talking about an "extra intervention package" of many months of clearing, as our "death issues" are no small matter.  But it's MUCH BETTER to work on clearing them now, than to have them smouldering inside you and making you feel afraid, for many years (and lifetimes!) to come.

You can also work on yourself via the techniques in my books or Communications Breakthrough System:

1) End of Chapter 9 in "Prince Charming Lives, Finding the Love of Your Life": the "Rapid Integration Technique."

2) p. 27 of "Love Now, Here's How": the "Advanced Subconscious Clearing Technique"

3) The Communications Breakthrough System.  This contains a large Communications Breakthrough Board to work with others, and a small one for traveling or personal use, my book "Basic Truths about the Nature of Life," and a thorough instruction manual on how to use the System.  It's a great investment, not just for "current times," but to help you move more easily through life in general.

Also, I have "Higher Dimensional Help" in my work, and these "Helpers" have assisted me in clearing viruses for many years now.  I put this function into all of my Personal Rejuvenizers.  Whenever there is a new virus (like the one going on now), I am able to add new functions to the Rejuvenizer to clear it.  Again, I am getting "Higher Dimensional Help" with this—to support us all in combatting the ills of our modern world.

While I'm on the topic, the Personal Rejuvenizer also protects you from the detrimental electromagnetic fields and life-damaging frequencies found in our high-tech world today, from: computers, Smart phones, WiFi, GPS, 4G (soon to be 5G), Smart meters and appliances, TV and radio satellite frequencies, and basically all things electric and electronic.  We get hit by over 300,000 harmful frequencies PER MINUTE nowadays, and the Personal Rejuvenizer is able to shield you from all of that, keeping your energy field intact, and helping your physical body recover from all the bombardments you've sustained for many, many years now.

Many people experience feeling more alive and well, and have a stronger immune system over time, as they wear the Personal Rejuvenizer.  A stronger immune system will also help you in creating better health and well-being over time, by protecting you more when you run into illness in those around you.

I almost died thirty years ago because of a sensitivity to all the frequencies at that time (and it was just from radio, TV, microwaves, and computers... NO cell phones, WiFi or GPS or 5G!!!). That's how I figured all of this out, and why I created my Personal Rejuvenizer.  It essentially brought me back to life, and I have been upgrading it ever since, to help everyone with all new technology and the various illnesses that appear periodically on the planet.

Since I always upgrade my own Personal Rejuvenizer to protect myself, I decided to upgrade all the Rejuvenizers out there at no extra cost—EVER.  My prayer is that you will love and appreciate them so much, you will tell your friends and loved ones about them.  I am doing my best to help us all at this time. 

Clearing your own personal fears, as I mentioned above, will also help us all collectively!  The less fear each person individually contributes to the collective, the more peaceful the world will become. Do your best to do your part! :-).