Health Problems from WiMax in Chicago

July 01, 2008

I just participated in a Health and Freedom Expo in the Chicago area. I found that I had to do an upgrade to my Rejuvenizers as I was driving from the airport to the hotel.  The cab driver was using a GPS system, and it was combining with other frequencies in such a way that required I do an upgrade. My Rejuvenizers are set up to protect you from hundreds of thousands of different frequencies, however sometimes, they combine in such a way that create new kinds of damage to the human energy field and body. While in the Chicago area, it came to me intuitively that about 30% of all the people there are having health problems related to WiMax and how it’s combining with all the other detrimental frequencies in the air.   These health problems would include:  extreme fatigue, brain exhaustion (too tired to think), brain confusion, headaches, eyestrain (particularly on the computer), and an increase in symptoms from long-term conditions: like harder time breathing for someone with asthma, more sinus problems and congestion for someone with allergies, etc.  On the emotional level, people are experiencing an increase in fear (“what is happening to me?”), an increased sense of feeling out of control (“I don’t know what to do about what is happening to me!”), and an increase in feeling worried (“what am I going to do about what is happening to me?”).  When you have 30% of the population being filled with and generating such negativity, the whole collective fills up with that energy and then everyone picks up on it and starts feeling more negative, irritable, depressed, and unhappy.  We’re all in this together, folks!  It is really sad that most people have no clue about what is happening to them because the source is INVISIBLE!!!!  Although people are getting hit with very real frequencies–in fact, about 300,000 per minute–they can’t SEE them, so they aren’t AWARE of what is going on. For the people in Chicago (and Washington, D.C. too. since a pilot WiMax program started there), I would write to your mayor and City Council and tell them about your health problems and complain about the latest offender, WiMax.   Perhaps if enough people write in, they will shut the system down, as they did in Sweden, as soon as they became aware of all the health problems people started having once WiMax got activated.