Human Consequences of Urban Technology

November 01, 2006

Many cities pride themselves on how "high-tech" they have become, yet no one is paying attention to the effect all the frequencies are having on human life.  Chicago, the third largest urban city in the U.S. is no exception.  Proud of being a "cutting edge" city that uses all the latest technologies to "protect its citizens," and make life safer for everyone, Chicago has installed numerous systems that broadcast an enormous amount of frequencies throughout the city.

Like any major urban center, cell phone towers permeate the landscape and are found as stand-alone structures, on top of residential and commercial buildings as well as billboards.  From the perspective of a mobile phone user, this is great, because it allows everyone to have good communications 24/7.  Chicago's transit systems have GPS in their buses, and many of the organization's cars, both rail and bus, have camera systems as well.  In an attempt to reduce crime, cameras have been placed at many intersections in targeted areas in the city.  These cameras allow law enforcement on the street to view crimes that may be happening in real time and to apprehend perpetrators immediately.  Also, like most major urban centers, Chicago has a traffic control system that adds even more frequencies to the mix.

Just a day after London's terrorist attack in 2005, Chicago city 911 officials unveiled a $1 million state-of-the-art emergency system that would allow-with a touch of a screen-direct video feeds and 3-D views of key locations in the event of a major disaster.  The primarily federally-funded system was only used by the Pentagon at the time this system was installed in Chicago.  During a press meeting last year, Office of Emergency Management and Communications Executive Director Andrew Velasquez demonstrated how real-time views of O'Hare Airport, U.S. Cellular Field, Sears Tower and other public hot spots could already be accessed from satellite feeds.  This system also has online blueprints of Chicago's 57 high-rise buildings taller than 540 feet.  The city will have 3-D mapping for the system in four months and the plans included fitting GIS-compatible cameras in all city schools and day-care centers.

People are already experiencing problems from living and working in this ever-increasing "toxic electronic soup" of frequencies.  As a "telepathic and intuitive researcher," I have discovered that 19 different systems Chicago has installed are affecting its citizens in some disturbing ways.

First, many people are experiencing a dysfunctioning of their metabolism and metabolic processes to such a degree, that their bodies have gained a lot of extra weight.  This is not because they are eating more, but because their bodies are no longer able to efficiently process the food they are eating—at least not the way they were before all the frequencies began wreaking havoc on their energy fields.  In addition, there are many people that seem to be losing their hair—even women—as a result of the bombardment of all the frequencies.  Whenever the subtle energy field surrounding the physical body gets damaged and disturbed, the physical body always follows suit.  The Personal Rejuvenizer has been upgraded to provide help for people living in Chicago and others affected by a similar "frequency overload."

The number of high-tech frequencies and electromagnetic fields our modern world produces is skyrocketing, not only in Chicago, but around the world.  "Hot spots" for wireless internet are popping up all over the place. They are now talking about putting the broadband (internet) signals through the electric power lines (a project called BPL).  The problem with this is that when you switch on your lights, or use anything electric in your house, you will also be filling your house with the frequencies of the internet.

These frequencies will increase the amount of electromagnetic fields and lower the "Life Energy Level" or life force of whatever space they permeate by 75% to 85%.  What this means is that your home or place of business will feel energetically "thick," "heavy," and draining.  It will be increasingly harder to feel alive and well in that space.  People will feel more tired, have less motivation, and the incidence of physical illness—from headaches to immune system disorders—will substantially increase.

In 1990, Dr. Robert O. Becker studied the bioeffects of EMFs and discovered that "many illnesses have been linked to exposure to electromagnetic fields:  weakened endocrine and immune systems which, in turn, lead to more allergies, asthma, cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, headaches, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), autism, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Environmental Illness, and a speeded-up aging process.  The type of magnetic fields given off by power lines, indoor wiring and household appliances caused human cancer cells to permanently increase their rate of growth by as much as 1600% and to develop more malignant characteristics."

More news:  Chicago will also be the first of two cities to install the new WiMax system.  WiMax is a more powerful "WiFi" system, used to broadcast frequencies for communication purposes throughout an entire city.  The only problem:  when WiMax was first tested, last year, in a town in Sweden, from the moment the system was activated, people started reporting to hospitals with blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, and heart arrhythmia.  As soon as the people were out of range of the signals, all symptoms ceased.  The Swedes asked the government to shut the system down, since it was clearly a potential health hazard.  WiMax will be installed in Chicago and Washington, D.C. in 2007, and a nationwide roll-out is planned for 2008.

So, what are we doing to ourselves?  In the name of convenience, we are creating a world that is damaging to human life at a very deep level.  Most people are unaware of the damage that these frequencies create, since they are essentially "invisible" to the naked eye.  Yet, our energy field registers each and every "bombardment" by the frequencies, which weakens it over time, eventually creating problems with the physical body as well.

Just sitting in front of a computer—and many of us have done that for years—can have a damaging effect on the pineal gland, which is the master gland in charge of normal sleep function and brain function, as well as the aging process.  Whenever I give speeches, I always ask, "How many people sit in front of a computer a lot?" and then, "How many people have trouble sleeping at night?" and I usually see many of the same hands raised.  Most of us are unaware that we might be aging more quickly, as we have no way to compare ourselves to what we might be like if we lived in a world without these frequencies!

Lastly, there is also a spiritual problem caused by these frequencies.  According to my research, these frequencies break up the natural energy between the higher chakras, and as a result, fragmentations occur that form a barrier, and prevent spiritual energy from entering the chakra system.  The high-tech energy particles in our world today are not only damaging us from a physical perspective, but from a spiritual one as well.  It is important that we are all educated about what is going on in our world today and that we have a choice about how we want to live.