If You’re Feeling Stressed to the Max, You Are Not Crazy!!!!

June 18, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Yes, it does seem like we’re “not out of the woods” yet, in terms of the powerful forces of transformation upon us. I know it seemed like everything would lighten up dramatically after December, 2015. In truth, we are no longer under the “pressure cooker effect” we experienced from May, 2012 through December 2015. However, it still seems to be challenging for many of us on Planet Earth.

When I ask, “Did something shift on the planet as a result of that intense three and a half year period?” 0 – 10, I get an 8.8. This shift will allow the space for Higher Consciousness to thrive. It means that more people are open to being in touch with their Higher Self, which is great. At the same time, I got that “something special is going on with people who are already on the spiritual
path (that would be “you guys”). You are being led, from your Higher Self, to get in touch with who you are at a deeper level, which means dealing with the major blocks you’ve had with you for a long time, and hitting them head on, for the purpose of overcoming them once and for all.”

So like I said, “we ain’t out of the woods yet.” However, this is such a wonderful time to do lots of clearing. Many have said, “Can I do extra sessions in between sessions?” Or, “Can I do sessions more often?” The answer is yes. There is so much “stuff” coming up for all of us, but with all the clearings you do, you are able to make incredible progress. Personally, I have
made so many new discoveries during this time, it’s been amazing really.

So please don’t “worry” that “something is wrong.” It’s not really. We’re just being nudged from above to “clean up our acts” further. It is actually an exciting time, although it feels a bit like we’re “going through the ringer.”

Do your best to flow with all that’s going on, and take some time to ask yourself, “How would I like my life to be? What would I like to create for myself?” The more clearing you get under your belt, the more power you have. And, as your power increases, your ability to manifest the life you want also increases.

Be patient with yourself, as sometimes you need to manifest the opposite of what you want, in order to get in touch with and clear the blocks within you. Don’t beat yourself up when this happens. It’s normal, and part of the process of self-healing and self-discovery.

You have great resources at your disposal, between doing sessions and all the various techniques I created for you to be able to work on yourselves. So roll up your sleeves, and do what needs to be done! You will get through this!!!