Lowering the Quality of Life in Urban America

January 18, 2007

Essentially, the more high-tech frequencies that fill the air, the more unnatural the energy will become in our cities. In my research, energies like WiFi (wireless internet) lower what I call the “Life Energy Level” or Life Force of the area in which the frequencies are being broadcast by 80% to 85%. In other words, the space starts to feel more dead and lifeless. Yes, you can open your laptop and hop onto the internet in these WiFi zones, but at what cost to human life and well-being?

It has already been shown scientifically that electromagnetic fields and frequencies create depression, irritability (like road rage in L.A.), and immune system disorders (like allergies, cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etc.).  What is going on with the heads of our cities that they want to install a wireless internet system that broadcasts everywhere throughout the entire city? This is like energetic suicide. (see article about WiFi  http://www.lighthealing.com/wifi-energy-damage.aspx)

Such frequencies will be present everywhere, and there will be no choice, no ability to turn them off. This is madness. In Sweden, last year, they did their first trial run with WiMax, a high-powered system that broadcasts frequencies used for communication (or “WiFi on steroids” as I like to call it.)  Well, from the moment the system was turned on, many people started reporting to hospitals with dizziness, blurred vision, and nausea.  There were also a couple of cases of heart arrhythmia.  Once the people were out of range of the frequencies, all symptoms disappeared. The Swedes protested the system and told the government they didn’t want to use it, due to the apparent health hazards it presented.

Now, in America, they are planning a nationwide roll-out of WiMax, starting with Washington, D.C. and Chicago later in 2007, and many other cities in 2008.  I can’t even begin to imagine how people will deal with this. I keep upgrading all the Rejuvenizers like crazy, to keep up with all the changes in technology and to offset the damaging effects of all these so called “advancements.” The problem is that all these frequencies are “invisible”… yet, their effect on us is very real.  So, when people start feeling bad or depressed… when they start getting headaches or unexplainable pains in their bodies, no one will be able to SEE what’s going on, since we can’t see these waves hitting us.

People will take more pills to counter their symptoms, and probably do more things to escape—whether it’s drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or food.  Since we’re apparently not going to stop technology, I pray that people find out about the Rejuvenizers as quickly as possible.  I also pray that those in charge of our cities will re-think the need to broadcast WiFi throughout the entire city or even just the downtown area.

In Europe (the U.K., Austria, and Germany), they are already pulling WiFi networks out of schools, as many kids are getting headaches and the parents have been complaining. They are now seriously questioning the potential health hazards of broadcasting the internet frequencies 24/7. There is a university in Canada, whose president said “no” to WiFi being  installed across campus. He pointed out that things like asbestos were great for awhile, until 30 years later when we discovered the toxic effect on human health.

However, in this case, we don’t need to wait 30 years to know what’s going on.  The Europeans are already snapping to it and questioning the widespread usage of this technology. We need to wake up in this country, and get our heads out of the sand. We’re playing with human lives here, guys!  Someone’s got to figure this out and make some different decisions!