Mercury in the body

February 03, 2009

I received a call today, from a friend who works with people physically, to clear them from mercury and other toxins.  He told me that in his work, he has noticed that the body seems to “hold on” to mercury, but not to other elements that are good for the body.  He asked me to check on one of his clients who was there in his office.

I looked at the man, and asked to know the “source” of his body’s difficulty in letting go of mercury.  What came up was very interesting, and I want to share it with you.  I discovered the presence of “unknowable curse energy” that was put on humanity 7 cycles ago (close to 14,000 years) to “reject life”… to “never accept what is really good and life supporting.”

Apparently, in this way, people would gravitate toward the negative, anti-life elements, and ultimately, “the dark.”  You may become aware of examples of how this has affected you in your life over the years.  Although this kind of influence is subtle, I continually see ways this kind of “curse energy on humanity” impacts us all.    

This isn’t the first time I have found things “done to humanity”.  Unfortunately it seems like a lot has been “done to us” over the ages.  As I find it, I clear it for all Rejuvenizer owners.  This is all a part of our process of becoming stronger, more grounded in who we really are as spiritual beings, and less and less affected by the “darkness” and negativity around us.

Ever vigilant,