Phyllis Light Responds to Luisa Portillo’s concerns about WiMAX in Chicago

June 15, 2008

Luisa’s original post:
I live in Chicago and this past week has been Hell here. I’m very sensitive to energies and I could not understand why I couldn’t concentrate on anything. It took me hours to do something I normally took a few minutes to do because I’ve been in a huge fog. Who knew it was an electromagnetic fog.
You must have done some HUGE upgrades because recently, today in fact, I began to feel better. I had been having very bad headaches and nausea. I am not the only one. My mother and sisters have all been experiencing the same problem. One of my sisters has been very ill, so much that she had to leave work and she almost got in a car accident because she was, as she said, “out of it.” I loaned her a spare Personal Rejuvenizer and she said she started to feel better after about an hour. What is going on? Is it this WIMAX thing that you are talking about here that is making my family sick?
Phyllis Responds:
Hi Luisa.  I understand your plight.  Chicago has become the most high-tech, “wired” city in the whole U.S.  There are so many frequencies there that are zapping people continually, it’s really become a huge problem.  Now that they’ve installed the WiMax system, I can hardly imagine how people will be able to cope with the damaging energies hitting them 24/7.  They installed the WiMax system in a town in Sweden, and within minutes of turning on the system, people started checking in to local hospitals with complaints of dizziness, nausea, and blurred vision.  They told the government to shut it down.
Now, the “powers that be” in our country have decided to bring this lovely system to every major city in America.  I have been getting calls from a number of people in Chicago who are experiencing similar symptoms:  headaches, brain confusion, deep fatigue, nausea, inability to articulate thoughts in a coherent manner, inability to focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand, feeling wobbly on their feet, inability to recall information, and problems getting through basic tasks that normally require no thought.   One very hospital employee who never has had a sick day called in sick Friday because her fatigue and brain confusion was so severe she couldn’t get out of bed!
It’s important that people know what’s happening, so that they don’t think they’re losing their minds, developing Alzheimers or some other weird ailment.  These symptoms are coming from the WiMax transmitters.  This has got to be the worst invasion of our “peace of mind,”  “ability to feel safe,” and ability to sustain good health to ever blanket a so many people in a major urban environment in peace time.
I have created the Rejuvenizers as a way to help people be safe and protected, but my heart goes out to the millions of people who will be affected by this newest, powerful technology who may be unaware of the root of the problem, and thus unaware of any possible solutions. 
I am convinced that WiMax is the “new asbestos.”  We thought at one time, that asbestos was a good thing to have, which is why we put it in insulation, brake linings, buildings, and anywhere we wanted major heat and fire insulation.   It was considered something you WANTED to use in the construction industry for insulation purposes!  Little did anyone at the time realize the extreme toxicity and hazardous nature of this material to human health!
The people in Sweden had WiMax shut down because of all their complaints.  Is there any way we can band together and go up against “big business” and get this system shut down????  Maybe lawsuits down the road will be the telling factor.  The challenge here is everyone’s ability to recognize the harmful effects of such electromagnetic radiation coming off this system.  Since it is invisible, many give it no credence or thought.  It is important for people to understand that although these frequencies are invisible, they are wreaking havoc on our natural energy field and on our physical body.
Luisa, all I can say is to encourage your friends and other family members who don’t have Rejuvenizers to get protection, and tell your friends and loved ones to do the same.