Still Feeling Stuck? Old Problems Still Plaguing You? – A Planetary Update

February 26, 2016

You’ve been hearing me talk about May 2012 to December 2015 as a “heavy-duty period of intense and deep emotional and spiritual changes.” So we’ve all been looking forward to feeling light and free at the end of this period. Right? Yeah, I was too. Here’s what seems to be happening:

Yes, the “pressure cooker effect” of the past three years is definitely over. We are not being “smashed” at a deep level in order to “make us grow and change.” In other words, that intense feeling of “aghhh, too much coming at me, I’m overwhelmed, I can’t cope, get me out of here,” is no longer being triggered in the way it was before, when the transformational energies were coming at us faster and more furiously. However, it seems like we’re “not off the hook yet,” in that we are being asked to “dig down deep and start making changes in the way we do things.”


In other words, profound inner changes were being “forced upon us” for the past three years, whether we liked it or not (and most of us didn’t like it!!) Now, we have new spaces inside of us, and new possibilities for different options in life. We are in a position to steer our life in new directions; however, change doesn’t always come easily.


Many of us are attached to how we have always done things, even though they may have brought us pain, struggle, or suffering. We are now having to deal with our attachments, our “security blankets” really, and the huge challenge of letting them go-to make room for something better to come into our lives. So, we need to keep letting go of what we thought we wanted, and open up to receive something even better. The degree to which we are feeling stuck now, is the degree to which we are holding onto our old ideas of how to do life.

Some people are naturally starting to make changes…. eating less sweets or less white bread and empty carbs, or drinking less alcohol, or maybe choosing to exercise more. Some are still wrestling with the need to do what they’ve always done before, WANTING to change, but having difficulty doing so. Many are still wrestling with “old demons” and habits, and have not yet been able to “surrender to a new way of doing things.”

Some are actually having to deal with their “main issue,” the very thing that has plagued them for so long (maybe for eons!!) Sometimes these issues are very subconscious and that’s why they’re so challenging. We don’t really understand why we’re wrestling or feeling so sick or stressed. The answer is to look deep inside. What deep belief is running you? Some examples are: “I have to be separate and alone in life,” “I have to do everything all myself,” “There isn’t enough money for me here,” “I have no support here,” “I can’t trust anyone to be there for me,” “Nothing works for me.”

None of these beliefs have to continue to be true for you. But sometimes, they are running you from such a deep place, you don’t even realize your actions are based on them. So, this is a time to really see what is running you, and be willing to change what you find. Now is the time to make changes in your world, so that your life reflects the new, “Higher” version of who you are.

In addition, I have been seeing a particular phenomenon which concerns me, but I guess we all need this to grow and become more aware. I have been seeing this “viral energy” of “turn against the Light/ Death to the Light” show up in many people. I have found this energy on the internet, in actors on TV, and even in my assistant who took three unexpected sick days in a row. (How do you “work for the Light” when you’ve been nailed with the energy of “turn against the Light”?) So here’s the deal with this.

If you notice yourself “turning away” from your spiritual practices or resisting things that you know are for your Highest Good, then you may have picked some of this stuff up as well. I keep upgrading the Rejuvenizer when I feel new types of this energy being “broadcast” out there, but there seems to be more and more of it. If you feel yourself starting to get depressed, or feel particularly unhappy, you have surely picked this energy up. When I run into it, I feel tired and weakened. (Since I feel myself to be a spiritual being of Light, I can feel that “death energy” trying to knock me out!) Once I realize I just got hit with “death to the Light,” I clear it and am fine.

If you ever feel you have picked up something like this, you can hold your Rejuvenizer and ask for any kind of “viral, anti-Light energy” that you may have picked up to be cleared. You can also write in for a mini-session to clear this, along with whatever in you allowed it in. Many times, this stuff creeps into your field, unbeknownst to you. You know it when suddenly you start to feel bad, tired, unhappy, etc. Apparently, this kind of thing happens here, on this planet, but for whatever reason, it seems to be quite rampant at this time. I wanted you to know, so you don’t have to fall prey to it, and can keep yourself on track, in the Light, and committed to your spiritual path.

As I said in my last communication, it seems like we have a three-month window starting January 25th, in which we can decide to do things differently. We now have an opportunity to re-create our life, based on the deep changes that have been made within us in the past three years. It will either be easy or not, depending on how willing you are to make the changes you know are necessary to make. Clearing blocks in your subconscious is always recommended to help you through such potentially difficult periods.

All my best for smooth sailing and ever-increasing lightness and freedom!!!