Suddenly Feeling Irritable or Negative?

March 01, 2019

Yesterday I went to see a show at a local university theatre.  A man sat next to me who felt kind of creepy.  First, he had a strong body odor.  Second, the thought popped into my head, "Build a protective shield between us so I don't pick up anything from him."  When I go out to have fun, I don't want to tune in or work hard in any way, so I did my best to ignore his presence and just concentrate on the show, which was really great.

But then the next day, I seemed really irritable and impatient, and noticed myself getting short with people.  When something didn't go right, I almost felt like I could have a temper tantrum on the spot.  That definitely was not me.

So I investigated the cause, and found that several negative entities from the guy I had sat next to at the show had jumped into me and merged with my energetic core.  Wow!  The good news is that I am able to clear that kind of thing and got myself totally "back to normal."  Shew!

I just wanted you to know that sometimes we can inadvertently pick up negative energies like this from others, and it can absolutely affect our attitude and subsequent behavior... for the rest of our life!!!  I have actually seen negative energies like these in people from past lifetimes!!!  

Apparently, when this stuff gets in us, it stays there, and we carry it with us from lifetime to lifetime!  If you suspect you have something like this, you can always contact our office to see what kind of clearing would be best for you.  Help is definitely on the way!!!