September 14, 2016

Moving Past our “Death Stuff”

I’ve been tracking what’s going on “out there” for people since the major (but unconscious) growth period of May, 2012 to Dec. 2015. In my last post, I mentioned that we’re all going through a fairly intense period right now of sorting it all out. Who are we now? What inspires us to be here? Where do we want to go from here?

So here’s what I just got: that close to 50% of all people on planet Earth are going through what I call “death stuff.” In other words, 50% of the population is facing major change, and either unwilling or afraid to move forward and embrace the changes. (We humans have often had a difficult time changing, so it’s no one’s “fault.”)

Sometimes, in order to change, we must let go of “the old,” and many times, we either consciously or subconsciously cling to the old, because it’s familiar… we feel like we need it to survive. So as the old is being “taken away from us” (that is, we are being forced, in a sense, to move forward and let go of it), this is bringing up “death stuff” for people… that is, programming like, “Get me out of here. I don’t want to be here anymore.” Or, “I don’t know what I’m doing here, I just want out now.” Or, “Life is too hard (because you’re being forced to change), so it’s not worth being here anymore.”

We are being forced to let go of the old in order to be able to embrace the new, but many don’t realize that something even better can be coming down the road. They feel that in losing the old way of being in life and doing things, they will have nothing left, so that deep “get me out of here, there is nothing for me here” kind of belief can surface. We all have “death stuff” within us. It’s just that it’s surfacing now for a huge percentage of the population, and you need to know that it is something that can be cleared and healed!

Whenever you are dealing with these kinds of beliefs, it makes you lose energy, feel bad, not be interested in life, or just feel tired a lot. You may not know that subconsciously you are “asking to leave,” but there will always be a negative result from such a desire. You may not understand why you’ve been feeling so tired or listless lately, or even having accidents. This is why.

The good news is that once you get past your “get me out of here” stuff, life can get a lot better. Whenever you’re “asking to leave,” you are unconsciously sabotaging the good in your life, and attracting to you people or circumstances that support you in getting what you want, which is leaving. I wanted to let you know about this, because the process is often unconscious and out of your awareness. If you notice extreme fatigue, attracting accidents, or even CONSCIOUS thoughts about “why be here? I don’t see any reason for me to be here,” then definitely call in for extra clearing.

All of these negative thoughts and beliefs can be cleared from your subconscious mind and energy field, which will bring in greater aliveness, joy, love, and peace. It’s well worth it to work on yourself in this way, as there are always tangible and positive results from doing so. Remember the three techniques I created so you can work on yourself in addition: 1) The Communication Breakthrough System 2) The Rapid Integration Technique (last part of Ch. 9 in Prince Charming Lives!) and 3) The Advanced Subconscious Clearing Technique (“ASC”) on p. 27 of Love Now, Here’s How. All work you do on yourself at this time will pay off. You just have to move past your limiting beliefs about your ability to enjoy life and find a meaning and purpose to your being here. I support you 100% in this process.

It is time to choose life. You will be glad you did!