The Energetic Causes of Asthma

July 05, 2007

Five cycles (approximately 9,000 years) ago, Dark Forces unleashed another type of “energetic organism”, “implanted” into every living creature on the planet, designed to restrict breathing.  This would keep all people and animals unable to breathe fully and freely, which would promote suffering and negativity.  The Dark abhors anything that is light, joyous, and free.  By “infecting” all people and animals with these organisms, they would be ensuring that everyone would have a limited ability to feel light, joyous, and free.
These organisms settled into the “subtle” (as opposed to physical) lungs of every living creature.  They get exacerbated and proliferate with the following conditions:
1) When one feels burdened by obligations and responsibilities.  The more overwhelmed one feels, the more these energies get activated and affect the physical body.
2) When uncertainty prevails, this exacerbates the condition and activates the organisms.  With uncertainty, there is usually fear and worry.  It is this fear and worry that stimulates these organisms to become active, at which point they start to affect the physical body, and then breathing feels restricted, tight… not free.
3) When one’s programming around death and the fear of death get activated.  This could happen very unconsciously.  You might feel some fear about something going on in your life, but you might not be aware of the “death stuff” that has been activated at a deep, subconscious level.  (For example, you might feel depressed at the conscious level and not want to do much on a particular day, but you may not be aware of the subconscious root of that feeling, which could be “wanting to die,” or “not wanting to be in life anymore.”  That root may not even have its origins in this lifetime.)
4) When you really are not wanting to be in the situation you’re in.
This could be job-related, relationship or marriage-related, or a specific negative situation.  The stronger your feelings, the more of these energetic organisms “wake up” and become active.
5) When the people around you are too “in your face,” too much “in your business,” trying to control you and tell you what to do.
I then asked, “How do these get in?  When do they come in?”
I received this answer:  “There is an opening in the “energetic template” of every living being, and when a person or animal is born, these energetic organisms enter through this opening and settle in the being’s (subtle) lungs.  This usually takes place about 18-19 hours after birth.
As the subconscious programming causing the above negative feelings gets cleared, the organisms return to an energetic state of dormancy, no longer able to affect the person or animal.  Our only recourse until recently, was to clear all the above mentioned subconscious programming.  Now, with this information, I have been able to encode the Personal Rejuvenizer to completely rid the energy field of these organisms, so they can no longer impact the physical body at all.
I did research on a number of people, to help me understand this better.  I’ll list some of what I found below.
PL: (has had “lung issues” although not asthma per se)  at birth:  10 million organisms (number slightly rounded off for ease), at the time of this discovery, after many years of clearing the subconscious:  1 million
ML:  (had bad asthma since childhood and has received 3 years of clearing) at birth:  18-19 million organisms,  now: 5 million
LN:  (only had one session and no “lung issues”) at birth:  10 million,  now:  8.7 million
MH: (many years of clearing, no specific lung issues)  at birth: 10 million,  now: 1.5 million
RM:  (had several years of clearing):  at birth: 17 million,  now: 4.7 million
KM:  (has had 9 years worth of clearing, and major asthma as an adult)
at birth:  19-20 million,  now:  1 million
PT:  (has had several years worth of clearing, no major lung issues)
at birth: 10 million,  now:  500,000
BL:  (has had major, intense asthma for many years, and a few years worth of clearing)  at birth:  35-40 million   now: 2.7 million
— Remember, all remaining organisms will now be cleared by the Personal Rejuvenizer.  Very cool, huh?!