The Energetic Causes of Heart Disease

June 20, 2007

Approximately 9,000 years ago, “Dark Forces” unleashed another type of energetic organism onto the planet, designed to prevent the heart from functioning normally.  These organisms are present in every living creature at the (energetic) genetic and what I call the “genetic substructure” level.  They get activated and proliferate when the following conditions are present:
1) Extreme unhappiness in the area of love.
2) Extreme anguish at feeling separate from love.
3) Death of one or more loved ones.
4) Ongoing feelings of hatred
5) Deep feelings of wanting to be done with life, wanting out, wanting life to be over.
When I do such research, I always ask, how many do certain of my friends, family members, and clients have, for my information… to help me understand the situation more fully.  I will put initials here.  You don’t need to know who the people are, but perhaps this will help you to understand too.
PL:  19  (I clear myself daily… it shows in this area!)
MO:  19,000-20,000  (this person recently lost both of her parents)
KM:  800-900  (receives my clearing work very often)
RM:  close to 500  (receives my clearing work often)
DT:  19-20K  (this person is the youngest member of his family and only one of two family members still alive)
AD:  8-9K  (this person is in a loving relationship and receives my clearing work on occasion)
JS:  35-40K  (this person had had major heart problems, including heart surgery)
LR:  53K  (this person actually died of a heart attack)
SA:  15-20K  (this person has major issues of holding onto feelings of hatred and wanting to get even)
AL:  35-40K  (this person is older and has had a lot of physical issues, including heart problems)
I learned that animals can have these too, oddly enough.  I guess they can experience the above conditions as well, which can activate the proliferation of these energetic organisms and cause heart problems for them.
My two cats:  one had 2-300,  and the other one had:  6-700.  Both seem to have come in with some issues about not wanting to get close and avoiding love (obviously, both have provided great “growth opportunities” for me, their mom!)
I have added new functions to the Personal and Pet Rejuvenizers to clear all these “organisms” from the (energetic) genetic and “genetic substructure” levels, and to clear all programming, over time, that has caused these to become active and proliferate.  I also found some kind of “curse energy” in the “genetic substructure level” that reinforces the negative programming manifesting in heart disease.  I have encoded the Rejuvenizers to clear such negative energy as well.