The Energetic Effects of Leaving Your Computer and Wireless Internet Network On

December 21, 2008

I just had a crazy energetic experience at my sister’s house, over Thanksgiving, and I wanted to let you know about this.  Some people leave their computers on all night.  I don’t know if that’s “better” for the computer, but it certainly isn’t better for the humans living in your home, especially if you are without Indoor Rejuvenizers protecting your space from EMFs.

The continuous energy of electromagnetic fields from the computer deaden your space, dramatically lowering what I call the Life Energy Level of the house.  If you have wireless internet, this lowers the Life Energy Level of the house by about 80-85%.  I have programmed the Rejuvenizers to counteract this life-deadening effect and overcome the detrimental frequencies produced by both the computer and your WiFi system.

However, I learned something new at my sister’s home.  Apparently, she and her husband leave their two computers and wireless internet on all day and night, all the time.  I had slept at a neighbor’s since her house was full with the other members of my family.  But the last night, they said there was room for me on the floor of their office.  I asked my brother-in-law if he would be willing to turn off the  computers and WiFi network, as I really didn’t want to sleep with all that going on around me.  He was reluctant (wasn’t sure if he could re- hook everything up again correctly), but agreed.  I thought I’d be okay.

Oh my God… I had the night from hell.  I rolled and tossed and felt like I was “under siege” all night.  I lay awake most of the night, and had nightmares when I went to sleep.  Finally after about 5-6  hours of that, I realized what was going on:  Having the computers on all the time, and the internet “open” and pouring energy into their office, tens of thousands of “weird, dark, negative energies/ entities/ demonic like things/ and God knows what else” had gotten into their space and filled the energy field of the room, where I was attempting to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

The internet is a strange thing:  great for finding stuff and learning stuff…. but really challenging energetically.  When you are online, you are connected, energetically, to all the other people online, and believe me, there are some weird, dark energies in some of them!  I upgrade the Rejuvenizers a lot, based on what I feel coming through the internet.

So, here I am at my sister’s, thinking that if they would just turn off the system, I’ll be fine.  I had no idea that because their system had been on for so long, that so many negative energies were able to enter and stay in the room.  When you’re in a “3-D” mode (you’re working in your office, and not really being sensitive to energy), you’re fine.  But when you are more aware, those energies can make you feel exhausted, uncomfortable, irritable, nervous, depressed, or out of control.  Since it’s subtle stuff, you may have no clue why you’re feeling so bad!

I have since upgraded the Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers to clear all such weird negativity that gets in while your computer and internet connection are on.  I just had to go through a “night of hell” in order to become aware of the problem and the need for a solution. Truthfully,I don’t recommend leaving your computer and wireless internet on all night.  I think you are asking for problems.  I have upgraded my Rejuvenizers to help offset such energetic problems as much as possible.

Go for the peace of having minimum frequencies passing through you while you sleep.  And, choose to get the protection and healing that
the Rejuvenizers can bring to you.

Happy Holidays!!

Phyllis Light