WiMAX in Chicago: An Untested Health Hazard?

June 15, 2008

I was intuitively looking at the WiMAX network.  A colleague asked me, does it give off ionizing radiation or non-ionizing radiation?  I asked her to explain further.  Ionizing radiation is tissue heating.  It changes the chemical structure of the body, that is, it causes direct physical distress by altering the body.  Non-ionizing radiation is not thermal, thus causing it to be “safer” than ionizing radiation.  For example, the nuclear bomb was tissue heating.  Radio frequencies within certain contexts (such as being on a radio transmitter when it is on) is also heating, which is why technicians do not work on radio transmitters for network stations when it is turned on.  WiFi would be considered non-ionizing radiation. 

I received the following answer:   it does some of both.  I had no idea what that meant.  My colleague and I began searching the internet for WiMax and any information on the frequencies it transmits.  We found a research paper that said it uses RF signals which are non-ionizing, and therefore it is “safe.”  (I put this in quotes because I believe that all such frequencies have a deleterious effect on our health and well-being, even when they are deemed “safe.”)

Perplexed, I wondered why I got the answer that it emits both kinds of radiation.  Then the answer came to me:  the ionizing radiation happens in combination with certain other frequencies.  I checked to see which ones:

1) The frequencies that the “Homeland Security” system broadcasts is one of the guilty parties.  (This system is now operative in Washington, D.C. and in Chicago.  

2) The HD frequencies that are being broadcast through the air to the Federal requirement for digital transmission as of February 9, 2009.  These signals require either cable, an HD TV, or a digital converter box.   When the WiMax frequencies combine with either of the above two kinds of frequencies, then the collective effect is ionized radiation, which breaks down the chemical structure of the the human body.

I must say that this plan to have many (dozens? hundreds? thousands???) of WiMax towers around a city… and around our country, is probably the biggest health hazard that has come our way in a long time.  The energy from all the cell phones, overhead satellite systems, microwave towers, and TV and radio transmissions are already creating an unprecedented “electronic soup” in which we are all swimming, that is slowly but surely taking a toll on our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  With WiMax being broadcast everywhere (this is the plan, folks)… we are going to see an unbelievable number of people affected adversely, in so many different ways.  Most will have no clue as to the real culprit. It is sad, and unconscionable.  I don’t know what it would take, but if there was a way we could stop the onslaught of WiMax, we’d all be better off.  The Swedes had it shut off…..  Can we “just say no”?????? This may the asbestos of the New Millenium, with all of us being the test group.  God help us all!! Phyllis Light