Your Life Force is Contained In Your Photo

December 17, 2007

I just wrote an article about this for our Holiday Newsletter.  Essentially, no one has any clue as to how we are being affected PHYSICALLY, by what happens to our photo.  When your passport photo is scanned, your physical body receives a wave of damaging frequencies.  When there is a magnetic strip on the back of your driver’s license or club membership card, your body is being weakened at a deep level on an ongoing basis.  When your photo is displayed on an online dating service, your body is receiving the electromagnetic frequencies from the computer.  When your photo is stored on a cell phone, your body is being continually weakened by another part of the electromagnetic spectrum: the wireless cell phone frequencies.

I have been aware of the detrimental influences of high-tech frequencies for many years.  I have had my Rejuvenizers out for the past 18 years to protect people from such harmful influences. However, I just realized that having your photo out there in the public eye, as well as having it incinerated, shredded, placed on electronic media, etc., dramatically increases the health challenges to the physical body.

You have to understand that anything electric, electronic, or battery-powered creates an unnatural electromagnetic field (EMF) that damages our own personal energy field, which in turn, wreaks havoc on our physical body and immune system.  Think about the celebrity’s photo on the cover of TV Guide, where every battery-powered remote control in every hotel or motel in America is sitting on top of it!

Even though I’ve known about this for many years, it just came to me to look at what’s going on with me.  My photo has been “out there” in the public eye for about 7 years.  We have done advertising, with my photo on the ads, that has been published in hundreds of thousands of magazines, nationwide.  These magazines were event-specific, and were certainly destroyed after that event ended.  That’s a lot of damage that my photo (and the life force in my body) has sustained over time. I “tuned in” and asked what was going on with my physical body as a result.  The information I received was astounding.

[For the record, I am not a scientist, so the information I got was to let me know what was going on and what I needed to fix…. so forgive me, in advance, for any “scientific errors” in my information.]

1) The interstitial fluid (the fluid between the cells) has been damaged because of what has happened to your picture in the past 7 years.

2) There has been a major weakening of cell walls in certain parts of the body that deal with respiration, elimination, and digestion.

3) It has sped up 3 things to “an earlier death”: the larynx, the cerebral spinal fluid, and the network of nerves coming off the spine.

4) The “sheath” that surrounds the entire head, inside the skull, has started to die.

5) This has triggered feelings of wanting to die from many previous lifetimes, which then manifest into experiences of “increasing death” at a really deep level.

6) What has happened to your photo, over the years, has close to halved the health of the autonomic nervous system.

In addition, it came to me that it would take me a number of months to “repair” all those things that had been damaged.

The High Price of Fame

My heart goes out to performers and celebrities whose photos and images are everywhere, not just in print media, but electronic media as well (TV, internet, fan sites, licensed products with their images: T-shirts, mouse pads, etc.).  For years, performers have been in films and their image (and life force) has been broadcast through electric devices, weakening them at a deep level.  However, now, it’s unbelievable what their bodies are being asked to withstand.

Many popular shows on TV (an electronic media) have spin-off shows on the internet.  So, the actor is not only being affected by being on everyone’s TV, but by being on everyone’s computer as well.  Their image is now on their own website, and on websites created by loving fans.  Actors and celebrities are being required to pay a very high price for the fame and ensuing success they enjoy.  I am currently working on a program to help people in this category, who have an unusual amount of public exposure via print and electronic media.