"Business Energy Elevation Process" Testimonials



"Phyllis Light's work has opened the flow of energy for greater abundance in my business, and caused it to shift 100% toward the positive. I own a magazine and have struggled to increase its circulation and get nationwide distribution. Only a short time after Phyllis began her work on my business, my magazine was picked up by two major national bookstore chains, which will double the circulation and distribution of the magazine!"

—Devra Ann Jacobs
Publisher, Mystic Pop Magazine Inc.
Prescott, AZ 96301

"I manage our family restaurant, and this woman has been coming there every day for years. My brother and I installed the Circuit and Indoor Rejuvenizers without telling anyone, and a few days later, she unexpectedly called me over and said, 'You know... the past few days have been a lot more fun in here.' Since putting them in, we have noticed that, over time, the employees who were mean and nasty and would always cause fights have all gone, and we now have a good group of people who are much more positive, cooperative, and energetic. I used to hate going in there before, and now, amazingly enough, it's a very pleasant place to work."

—Pete Theodoropoulos, Restaurant Manager
Baltimore, Maryland

"My co-worker and I both have noticed a definite improvement in the atmosphere in our office since I put the Indoor Rejuvenizers in the four corners of the office complex. It feels much more friendly and relaxed, and I actually feel comfortable working there, which is a real change for me!"

—Adrienne D., Graphic Designer
Austin, Texas

"Our chef has been having major problems due to a divorce, and he's brought all his negativity into work. It's really inflamed everyone who works here and the whole environment has been tense and upsetting. Now, since the clearing you did on him and on our business, everything has calmed down and everyone is getting along much better. The kitchen crew is a lot better… more understanding and trying to be more helpful.

Interestingly enough, I noticed that the people who were negative toward the job… who always seemed to have some axe to grind… those people left. It seems to be a lot more peaceful there now. Things seem to be going smoothly. When something comes up, I am able to get on top of it and handle it before it gets too out of hand. There are hundreds of people who visit the store everyday and we have to handle a lot. So with all that we have to handle, I must say, it's been pretty good.

It seems to me that if anything negative comes up or anyone comes in the store with negativity, we're getting rid of it quicker. Not that we never get any negativity, but it seems to be going away faster and not festering.

I also noticed that with the customers — since you started working with our business — I really can't remember anybody coming in and complaining. You know how you get those customers… nothing pleases them, they're cranky, they come in with a chip on their shoulder already… we really haven't gotten any problems with the customers."

—Christine Cusumano, owner
"New York's Upper Crust" restaurant
Los Angeles, California

"I have had both my workspace and class space 'Rejuvenized' with Dr. Light's products and services.

For our workspace, this has created an energy space that feels lighter. This has improved mental clarity and creative thinking. Because we are a technology intensive office, we spend nearly the entire workday on our computers and on the Internet. With Indoor Rejuvenizers, our staff can work long hours without experiencing the debilitating fatigue that we had before.

I am also in a graduate program and the course work has been in a class next to the elevators. The energy in this room was so difficult to be in that after an hour I felt drained and depleted, unable to clearly focus and my mind would wander. I could barely make the trip home from school. The effects of this deadening environment would leave me lethargic, ineffective and inefficient for the next two days. After Dr. Light 'Rejuvenized' the classroom, I noticed that I my ability to mentally and emotionally be present in that room improved immeasurably and I would be productive the day after."

—Mary Olvera, MBA and MSIMC degree candidate
President, Cultural Marketing Communications
Chicago, Illinois

"I have worked with Phyllis to assist me in my emotional and spiritual development. via telephone sessions. She also helps me with physical healings during these sessions. In fact, on more times than I can count, challenging or problematic health issues have cleared up with amazing speed.

As a result of my positive personal experiences with Phyllis, I engaged her services in helping me in my professional life and I mean that in two ways: first, Phyllis helped me with issues that were holding me back professionally and, second, she helped 'clear' my business as well.

I was VP of Business Development at a microprocessor chip company that I had co-founded (Transmeta Corporation) that subsequently went public (Nasdaq: TMTA). We developed a list of the key 12 to 15 people (both on the executive staff and below it) who were the primary energy powers of the company. We 'cleared' them regularly. It was during this time that the company went from a pre-public market cap of $100M to a post-IPO market cap (at peak) of $2B.

In addition, I installed Rejuvenizers around the various buildings of my company. They raise the vibration of the space and generally protect and clear it. Phyllis also helped me determine the best course of action on a number of key business decisions, such as executive hires and specific strategic courses of action. She helped me realize when I was making sub-optimal decisions based either on fear or subconsciously held, sabotaging beliefs.

It's hard for most people to understand what it is Phyllis does, because it is so far beyond that which is commonly understood. To use techno-peak, she's a 'leading edge' person who's skills might someday become commonplace, although that might be a couple of hundred years off. In effect, there's more going on than our physical senses are showing us. It takes a 'telepathic tune-in' by someone who is uniquely skilled in the area to get an objective 'read' on things. And it takes personal development work beyond just intellectual and emotional development to achieve the maximum success that is potential within a situation. I regard Phyllis as an integral part of my efforts.

I can be reached at (512) 732-2111 for any questions."

—Steve Goldstein, Skyonic Corporation
Austin, Texas