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July 28, 2003 Program Notes                  Click Here to Listen

— How the layers of your conscious and subconscious mind can work in conflict, preventing a person from achieving what they want.

— How to get in touch with your core negative beliefs and change them.

— Tools and techniques to clear your own negative beliefs to create the life you want.

— Phyllis discusses her own process of transformation.

— What are anti-faith units?

June 24, 2003 Program Notes                 Click Here to Listen

— How Telepathic Healing sessions work.

— How you can use Telepathic Healing to help heal problems.

— Reinventing your life: How to recognize your old negative thoughts and programs and effectively clear them, replacing them with new positive programs to help recreate your life.

— Letting go of old patterns and programs that no longer serve us.

— How Rejuvenizers work to protect our etheric field and their impact on the physical;

— Subtle energy protection and repair from electromagnetic fields from computers, cell phones, radio waves, power lines, microwaves, satellites, other EMFS.

— Immune system and subtle energy fields.

— Protecting your subtle energy body and living in our high technology world.