Energy Elevation Process, Cont'd.

Think about the word "star."  We view actors and performers as "stars" because they lift our spirits with their "bright light" and inspired energy.  This comes from a "Higher place," that is, the "star" gets brighter during their performance from "channeling a Higher energy and Light from above," and when they shine, they pull the audience along with them.  The higher and brighter the star, the more positive impact they make on the audience.

The Energy Elevation Process will support you in "rising higher" and "shining brighter" by helping get any inner "blocks" (from years of "life as a human being on planet Earth") out of your way.  As a result, you will give the most stellar, inspired performance you have ever given... EVERY TIME!!

This session is highly recommended for performers of any kind (during their shows or even while auditioning for a part), lecturers, and basically anyone who wants to perform as well as possible and inspire an audience as much as possible.  We've had a whole wrestling team do this process and win their tournament.  The "EEP" can help students be more focused in order to perform better on an exam.  There are no limits as to who can benefit from this process since most people want to excel in whatever performance they give.

The cost is usually $35 per day, per person, so the total cost will vary depending on the number of people needing the EEP, and the number of days or events during which you (or they) will need the process.  If it's for one person, at a one-time event, like an audition, or a single performance, that's the $35 cost.  If your gig lasts a few days, or a few weeks, or you have more than one person in your group that wants to take advantage of this, then the cost will be determined accordingly.  Contact the office to work out the details for what you are wanting to accomplish.   512-301-2999   Or, if you aren't in a rush, you can email your request to start the process.