Free Rejuvenizer Survey—Before and After

We created this survey to help you quantify and thus perceive more clearly the benefits you receive from your Personal Rejuvenizer.  Sometimes, when people feel better, they forget where they were before  they started taking advantage of the Rejuvenizer technology.  This survey will allow you to see where you were before  you got your Personal Rejuvenizer, and then again after  you've used it for 8-9 weeks.  We trust you will notice a difference in your life!

Sure, "things happen" in life that could skew your results:  an accident, death of a loved one, problems with your boss, your rent gets raised... I mean, you name it, it happens, right?  So this survey will focus more on specific results that come from wearing your Personal Rejuvenizer and not getting bombarded by over 300,000 life-damaging frequencies per minute in your daily life.  Be as truthful as you can be when you answer the questions.  There is no "right" or "wrong" answer.  The survey is for your own knowledge and awareness.  Thanks for participating!