More Information on WashYourAir™ Ion Cleansing Technology

Healthy Living Starts with the Air You Breathe!

Air Fantastic manufactures a variety of different machine which provide continuous sanitizing WashYourAir™ cleansing ions that wash your air.   WashYourAir™ continuously emits a dry version of Liquid Hydrogen Peroxide at a safe level.  Hydrogen Peroxide was used to decontaminate Ebola infected areas.

This WashYourAir™ technology uses a catalytic process to derive ions from the moisture in the air.  These ions neutralize odors, sanitize the air, and create a healthy living environment at the same time.  This cleaning process is similar to the one we find in nature, where unpleasant odors, such as road kill, garbage, and skunk spray are eliminated through oxidation.  The benefits of this technology will be discussed shortly.

Reducing Airborne Contaminants

Test results from the West Texas A & M University prove that this process is safe and effective in reducing dangerous airborne and surface bacteria, including Staphylococcus Aurous (Staph bacteria) and the drug-resistant MSRA bacteria.  The tests also prove that this technology has successfully reduced contaminants such as mold, fungus, and bacteria up to 99% within 72 hours. 

In addition, a customer performed an independent test and proved that this technology could reduce 80% of surface bacteria in just one hour.  Since the bacteria are reduced through an oxidation process and not an anti-bacterial solution, this technology reduces the possibility for germs to become immune to anti-bacterial agents through mutation.

Providing Allergy Relief

Most allergy symptoms are a result of people breathing in airborne pollen or dust.  If the exposure to airborne pollen or dust is minimized, people's allergy symptoms will gradually diminish.

Heavy and large airborne particulate contaminants, such as dust, pollen, and dander can remain airborne indefinitely at certain levels due to positive static energy that repels the particulate from the ground, which is also positive.  Airborne particulate contaminants can easily be observed when sunlight shines through the window in the morning. 

This technology produces negatively charged ions that can make these airborne particulates settle down on the floor.  Lab results from the West Texas A & M University proved that up to 99% of particulates were reduced in 72 hours. 

Reducing Exposure to Harmful Airborne Gases

WashYouAir™ technology can also reduce the harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).  The VOCs are actually broken down on a molecular level.  Customer lab tests showed a 60% reduction of Formaldehyde in 24 hours and an 80% reduction in ammonia in one hour.

Green Technology

WashYourAir™ technology sanitizes and deodorizes your environment without using chemicals, anti-bacterial agents, synthetic deodorizers or enzymes.  In addition, all of their machines are energy and green-friendly and require very little electricity (~15W).