The Sleep Package, Cont'd.

You need to understand that the issues creating this challenge with sleep may have been with you for literally thousands of years (i.e., throughout many past lifetimes) and may take a while to clear.  I cannot guarantee the time it will take to get the relief you seek.  This is one of those "slippery slopes," in that it could take anywhere from 5 months to 7 years to resolve.  In the grand scheme of things, this isn't "that much," but in our world of instant gratification, it may seem like a long time.

It just depends on what negative energy and programming you carry.  I will do my best to clear all of that as fast as possible, but in truth, it will take whatever time it takes.  Sorry I can't guarantee an "abracadabra," but I can tell you this:  It will take a lot less time for me to help YOU then it took for me to help myself.

Pioneers have the hardest time, as they are traveling through uncharted territory. With all the work I've had to do on myself and all that I have learned as a result, I will be able to help you through this a lot faster.  That's the good news!