Personal Rejuvenizer Tests

"I became fully convinced about the effectiveness of the Rejuvenizers when my daughter Jodi and I received a scan with the Nutri-Energetics System (called NES).  The NES, using specialized computer software and equipment, scans the human body's energy field on five levels to indicate energetic discords and potential pathologies.  One segment of the scan shows the types and levels of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that are creating discord in our individual energy fields, and Jodi's and mine were clear.  This is after having flown for 4 hours and then spending two full days surrounded by electric and electronic equipment.  We both wear your Personal Rejuvenizer and keep Rejuvenizers on our cell phones.  I started using the NES to scan folks where I work in Raleigh and I am finding that there is a significant difference when analyzing the readings of people who wear the Rejuvenizers."

                       –Pat McKenna, Clear Horizons Healing Facility Raleigh, North Carolina


"I have been researching various subtle energy and vibrational medicine technologies for several years. Recently, I carried out some interesting tests with the Personal Rejuvenizer using, amongst other things, Rayonex bioresonance equipment.  The Rayonex PS10 is an objective medical radiesthesia device which uses a dipole antenna system linked up to the body via footpads and metal handholds to measure energetic interferences to an array of organs and  body systems.  The equipment can be used to diagnose and harmonise these energetic interferences, and to establish the impact of geopathic stress, magnetic/electric fields etc. Significantly, these interferences first occur and can be detected at very high frequencies which, if not corrected, then drop down in decadic jumps (eg 200kHz, 20kHz, 2kHz,200Hz, 20Hz, 2Hz) until they manifest in the physical body and can be detected by orthodox medicine.  I suspect that these higher frequency interferences might correspond with damage, stress or fragmentation in the etheric bodies.  I did an initial check up on myself and found 17 interferences.  I did not harmonize them.  I then wore a Personal Rejuvenizer for 24 hours and measured myself again. After 24 hours, 13 of the 17 interferences had been harmonized. After a further 24 hours, the remaining 4 interferences had also been harmonized.  This was, to say the least, an extremely impressive result.  I have not encountered another product with this ability to harmonize interferences so quickly and effectively."

–A.G., Researcher, M.A., London University, M.Phil, University of Cambridge, U.K.

"A client of mine recently showed me the beautiful pendant from your company. I do analysis with Asyra and Zyto bio-communication technologies and when I scanned this client the first time, her polarity was reversed and she was being severely weakened by EMF's. When I re-scanned her 6 weeks later, it was like testing another person! She was really balanced. She grinned and showed me her pendant and said she feels much better wearing it and knew her testing would be better. I will be referring my clients to your website. Thank you."

–Jennifer Salos, MS CNC, Certified Nutritional Consultant,
Chesapeake Holistic Health Center

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