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I have a constant neck pain where my stress is stored. Massage and exercise help, but never make the pain go away for more than a few hours. After your mini healing session at the lecture in Chicago, not only did I feel completely at peace but my neck was pain-free and it still is. Thank you for that!

Lecture Testimonial

Phyllis always does a healing and clearing for everyone who attends her lectures. Here is what one woman wrote:

"I had the pleasure of attending your lecture at the New Life Expo just yesterday and I felt compelled to write. I am pretty young (in my 20s) and am always seeking ways to improve my life and make it more positive and mentally beneficial. I found your lecture both educational and inspiring. I have to be honest. I was a bit skeptical (come on, I'm from New York) and I attended with much reservations. Then something happened. I have been trying to trace what exactly. 

I have always been slender and flexible. While I don't exercise regularly, I have always been able to touch my feet to my head. It sounds kind of funny but it's something I could do when I took gymnastics as a young girl and it's something I could do as an adult. A week ago my body was aching and my muscles felt tense, tight, rigid. I tried doing this pose and was SO far from doing it. I felt sad and yet I knew that I could probably fix it over time with exercise. 

Last night after your lecture, I was able to nearly do exactly what I could as a young girl. Once more, my body became more flexible. I think I know what happened. Psychically I have felt "cut off" from others lately because of communication problems, tension and stress. I think the rigidity in my body and the tightness was mirroring my psychological tension. I think in a way that your energy healing exercise (I paid a lot of attention to my legs during it) helped me to free up the blockages and help my body flow better. I mean, literally overnight my flexibility has improved. I just wanted to thank you for this!"

—S.S., writer, Manhattan, New York