Rejuvenizer Testimonials

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Since we put the Circuit and Indoor Rejuvenizers in our office, working at my computer is so much better, and the woman sharing my office has quit complaining about being sick. People come to our office more than ever before, and they don't want to leave. The whole room seems so much lighter and feels so much better!

— L.G., Personnel Manager
Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Since getting the Personal Rejuvenizer, I'm much more mellow and can deal with life much better. I'm probably the happiest I've been in the longest time I can remember.

— C.W., Bank Customer Service Rep.
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

I've been wearing Dr. Phyllis Light's Personal Rejuvenizer for a month every day, and it's been wonderful. I used to be dragging by 5:00 pm, and staying late to do the work I needed to do was out of the question—especially if it involved working on the computer. Now, I don't even notice a drain.

— K.C., Publicist
Iowa City, Iowa, USA

I have had pains in my neck and shoulders from sitting in close proximity to a number of computers and under florescent lights at work. After a few minutes of holding a Personal Rejuvenizer for the first time, the pains went away!

— T.G., Customer Service Manager
Chatsworth, California, USA

Within ten minutes of putting the Indoor Rejuvenizers around my house, I could feel my whole body relax. Once they were in place, I was aware of feeling much lighter.

— P.K., Massage School Instructor
Katy, Texas, USA

We've been in our new house for over two weeks, and for some reason, I keep feeling all tense and wound up when I go to bed, and even when I wake up, my fists are clenched in a real tight ball. Last night, I installed the Circuit Rejuvenizer on the circuit breaker box, and for the first time since we moved in, I went to bed completely relaxed, and slept comfortably the whole night through. The difference was remarkable!!

— J.M., Financial Investor
Austin, Texas, USA

I've had eczema for two months, been to several doctors, and nothing worked to clear it up. After three days of wearing a Personal Rejuvenizer, the eczema cleared up substantially, and within one week, it was completely gone.

— E.P., Medical Assistant
Austin, Texas, USA

I used to feel scattered, like I was emotionally 'all over the place.' I would feel like the bottom dropped out of my soul on a regular basis, with major mood downswings and upswings. Now, wearing a Personal Rejuvenizer, I feel so much more stable, and I don't feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster anymore.

— D.R., Riding Instructor
Coatesville, Pennsylvania, USA

Since using all the different Rejuvenizers in my office and on my person, I have felt more centered, and it's been a lot easier for me to cope with things. Certain situations no longer seem as stressful as they used to.

— C.A., Federal Government Employee
Arlington, Virginia, USA

When I first put on my Personal Rejuvenizer, the energy was so soothing, and I felt a lot more protected and grounded. Usually I pick up every negative energy around me which makes me feel bad, and I can never shake it off. Now, I don't feel that negativity anymore. I have a lot more energy, not at all tired like I was.

— T.V., Accounting Manager
Portland Oregon, USA

I used to get sinus headaches everyday at work. I haven't had one for an entire month since using the Rejuvenizers in my office.

— C.B., Medical Research Librarian 
Durham, North Carolina, USA

One day, I stayed at work for 14 hours to finish a project on my computer and actually felt pretty good the whole time—not tired at all like I would have felt before I got a Personal Rejuvenizer. Another time, I felt totally exhausted at the end of the day and couldn't figure out why. Then I realized that I had accidentally left my Personal Rejuvenizer at home and all the electromagnetic fields around the computers at work were zapping my energy big time.

— S.Q., Mechanical Designer
San Jose, California, USA

My Personal Rejuvenizer and I are inseparable. I find my energy level to be not only higher, but on a more positive level as well. My work on stage feels more deeply assured, more communicative, and more spontaneous. My personal relationships offstage seem to radiate greater warmth and genuine affection. The Rejuvenizer is definitely fulfilling the promises you make for it!!

— J.R., Actor, Singer, Songwriter
Los Angeles, California, USA

I placed the Water Rejuvenizer on the tank connected to my well. The next time I took a bath, I slipped into the bathtub and said to myself, "WOW! This is REALLY soothing!" Then I remembered that I had the Water Rejuvenizer in place. I've never experienced such a soothing bath. The next day, I visited a friend and gave her a hug. She said the hug was so clear and so moving that it brought her to tears.

— A.V., Product Planner
Austin, Texas, USA

I manage our family restaurant, and this woman has been coming there every day for years. My brother and I put the Circuit and Indoor Rejuvenizers in without telling anyone, and a few days later, she unexpectedly called me over and said, "You know... the past few days have been a lot more fun in here."

Since putting them in, we have noticed that, over time, the employees who were mean and nasty and would always cause fights have all gone, and we now have a good group of people who are much more positive, cooperative, and energetic. I used to hate going in there before, and now, amazingly enough, it's a very pleasant place to work.

— P.T., Restaurant Manager
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

It was incredible. Once I started wearing the Personal Rejuvenizer, my morning lethargy disappeared and I started waking up feeling alert, centered, grounded, and eager to accomplish something. The change in my attitude and energy level was dramatic.

— M.W., Biologist
Austin, Texas, USA

My husband put on his Personal Rejuvenizer last night and slept the WHOLE night through for the first time in years!! I can't tell you how incredible this is!

— H.D., Teacher's Assistant
Regensburg, Germany

My husband has carried a Personal Rejuvenizer with him for four months now, and I'm here to tell you that he's a changed man! He stopped getting loud and obnoxious while drunk (he actually stopped drinking altogether), started jogging, and has been nice to me and to our son. This is a 180 degree change from how he used to be. I wanted to thank you so much for encouraging me to get him a Rejuvenizer!

— J.M., Administrative Assistant
Dallas, Texas, USA

Interestingly enough, I started feeling much safer, once I put a set of In door Rejuvenizers around the perimeter of my house. For me, that was a real improvement!

— D.S., Retired Court Clerk
Los Angeles, California, USA










Having the Personal Rejuvenizer has been amazing as far as my massage therapy work goes, because I don't go home near as fatigued, tired, and exhausted as I used to. I actually have energy when I finish work! The same thing when I'm sitting at the eyes used to be so tired by the time I would finish..and now, I don't have that problem anymore.

— A.P., Massage Therapist
Round Rock, Texas, USA

I used to be quick to get angry and jump all over people in the name of defending myself. Since wearing a Personal Rejuvenizer, I don't feel like I have to defend myself anymore! Another benefit: my intuition keeps getting stronger, and I can follow it more clearly now.

— S.T., Geotechnical Engineering Consultant
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

I have connected with my guides more powerfully, since getting a Personal Rejuvenizer. I no longer feel drained by the classes I teach, and my teaching is more spontaneous and fearless. I connect better to the people around me, and I am generally happy!!

— T.A., Tai Chi Instructor
Ontario, Canada

I used the Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers in my hotel room during an out-of-town teaching assignment, and found it a very big help to have a stress-free environment to relax in, once I was through with a heavy day of teaching.

— V.B., Language Support Programmer Austin, Texas, USA

I had been wearing the Personal Rejuvenizer for a long time and noticed I hadn't been getting colds like I used to. My boyfriend was starting to come down with something, so I gave him my Rejuvenizer to wear for a week. Several days later, I caught a cold and he got well. I got mine back and gave him one for a gift. Neither of us will be without one now! Thanks for your wonderful work with these!

— L.F., Artist
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Every time children get into my seat, they carry on like crazy—fussing, yelling, crying. They're afraid of the electric clippers and the whole experience of getting their hair cut. I always give them my Personal Rejuvenizer to hold, and it's amazing they calm right down and then they're easy to work with.

— J.M., Barber
Harker Heights, Texas, USA

I wear my Personal Rejuvenizer all the time. I just feel good when I wear it. Once in a while I forget and leave it home and miss it all day. I hold it on my face or head if I feel stressed, and it seems to make me feel calmer. I like to hold it in my hand and focus on the beauty of it; I am so fascinated by its color and light.

— J.P., Property Manager
Houston, Texas, USA

I am currently using the Personal Rejuvenizer for myself and the Indoor Rejuvenizers around the house, for my entire family. We all seem to be benefiting greatly from them. The house feels much better, lighter, less depressing. We aren't so tired anymore, and the kids don't get sick. I am experiencing a decrease in illness myself, and other people's negativity has less effect on me.

— J.M., Administrative Assistant
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

I am loving my Personal Rejuvenizer. Sitting in front of, next to, and behind computers most of the day, the protection is tangible.
— A.G., Artist
Alexandria, Virginia, USA

I have runs in my family and always have back pain. Someone handed me a Personal Rejuvenizer and I held it for about an hour. The pain decreased and my back didn't hurt as bad as before. I was impressed.

— D.B., Technical Services
Specialist Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

I've always worked in high EMF areas. I've been sitting in front of 21" monitors for over 15 years. I remember times when I used to feel sick at the end of a work day. I have not felt that way since wearing the Personal Rejuvenizer.

— C.K., Computer Programmer
San Francisco, California, USA

My son is in preschool. He used to pick up all kinds of colds and viruses at school and bring them home to me. We were both always congested and had to use a lot of different medicines. Now that we each have a Personal Rejuvenizer, we no longer suffer from colds and flu and get to put all that money we were spending on doctors and medicines toward fun things instead! Thanks!

— K.M., Office Manager
Georgetown, Texas, USA

I had just had dental surgery done the day before and my mouth was swollen and painful. I placed the Personal Rejuvenizer to my jaw and in ten minutes, the swelling was greatly reduced and the pain was gone.

— E.S., Administrative Assistant
Columbus, Ohio, USA

The other day, while I was driving through a parking lot, two teenage boys were backing out of a parking space right into my car. Their music was blaring and they didn't even look to see if anyone was coming. I was completely certain they were going to hit me, and felt powerless to prevent it. Suddenly they stopped and DIDN'T hit my car. It was nothing short of a miracle. It must have been my Car Rejuvenizer, as there is no other explanation as to why I wasn't hit!

— C.G., Professional Speaker
Escondido, California, USA

I have now been using my Personal Rejuvenizer for one week. I have noticed changes in my energy levels and my sensitivity to the higher level vibrations from my guides and angels. Thanks! One change I noticed right away was that I have the motivation and energy to get tasks done rather than procrastinate and I have more strength and stamina in my yoga routines.

— D.G., Massage Therapist/Yoga Instructor
Seattle, Washington, USA

When I fly, I usually get jet lag in a bad way and feel horribly sick for at least three days. I just flew for the first time, since getting my Personal Rejuvenizer, and I was totally amazed... I felt no jet lag at all. I wasn't exhausted the way I normally am. I was just fine!!! I couldn't believe how different I felt!

— A.V., Financial Planner
Seattle, Washington, USA

There has been so much heaviness and bad vibes on our street from one of our neighbors, whose energy has always seemed dark and negative. When I put the Outdoor Rejuvenizers around my property, it was incredible how harmonious and peaceful the energy began to feel around my home. They have made a tangible difference in how our street feels to me now. None of the bad energy I had felt before bothers me anymore. What a relief!

— G.C., Real Estate Agent
San Diego, California, USA

Thank you very much for all your wonderful work. As of two days ago I am a happy owner of a Personal Rejuvenizer. The impact is great, much appreciated and much needed. Two of my friends whom I let hold it felt immediately better. One had a headache, and after holding the Rejuvenizer for five minutes, the headache was gone. The other one said that immediately after holding it, she felt this happiness in her whole body. She says she feels so much more normal, much more like a human being. Me, I wouldn't want to be without mine!

— R.S., Lighting Designer
New Paltz, New York

I want to thank you for the Rejuvenizers and your wonderful work. After just a few days of wearing the Personal Rejuvenizer I noticed an increase in energy and I was not dragging by the end of the day as usual. Also, I was motivated to complete a chore I had been putting off for two years!! I am feeling so much happier! I have ordered one for my husband and am recommending them to others.

— J.S., Math Teacher
Carmine, Texas

I want to let you know that I recently purchased a Personal Rejuvenizer as well as a set of Indoor Rejuvenizers for the house. Although, it has only been 2 days at this point, I already am feeling things getting better. I have allergies, headaches in the morning, body aches and pains, distractions, angry fits, and on and on. First thing I noticed after waking up the first morning was that I didn't have a stuffy nose or a headache. Second thing I noticed, yesterday morning, was when I went out to feed the horses and other livestock was that I didn't get the itchies from the grass and hay that I feed the animals. . . Thank you and thank the Good Lord for sending me into that little store where I learned about the Rejuvenizers!

—D. P., Homemaker
Poulsbo, Washington

"My girlfriend recently went to San Francisco. She kept her Rejuvenizer on and reported NO jet lag, crankiness or any other of the things she experiences while traveling!!"

—D.C., MRI technologist, Austin, Texas, USA

"I am writing now to give you my experience with the Rejuvenizer. I think that people need to buy 2 Rejuvenizers, one for them and one for everyone else they know to wear for short periods of time when they have needs that the Rejuvenizer can fill. Yes, the answer is for everyone to have their own, and those I know will, but until that time I definitely am only getting this wonderful device half of the time! Since I got it I had told my daughter that since she did not have one yet that she could wear it when she sleeps on the weeks that she is with me. When I first got it, I let her wear it for the afternoon. At one point I said, "Well, do you feel anything?!" and she said "No" and I said, "Okay, well then let me have it back!" and she said, "NO!!"...hmmmm...very interesting, I thought! Then my boyfriend was having dizzy spells and feeling disoriented, so I let him borrow it and he said he felt good all the time he wore it. (It turned out that he has an inner ear viral infection, so I knew why the Rejuvenizer helped him.) I got my Rejuvenizer back for a few days and then on Mothers Day I let first my niece (who is having some schoolwork and motivation problems) wear it and then she wanted her mom (my sister) to wear it for a bit. Then I let my brother wear it (he was suffering from fatigue) on our way back to our home. I got to wear it for about 5 hours and then my daughter took it off of me for her promised nighttime stint. She had stumped her little toe badly that day and it was all black and hurting quite a bit before bed. When she woke up the next morning I asked her how it felt and she said it was a lot better and the toe LOOKED better. I got to wear it the next morning for about an hour and then it started storming and my dog Spirit started going nuts like she does with every storm, so I put it around her neck (since I don't have the Pet Rejuvenizer yet!). She still stayed close to me during the storm, however her shaking stopped and she was not nearly as crazed. She even wagged her tail during it, which NEVER happens. As for me, I have felt wonderful since I got the Rejuvenizer. I have just felt good, peaceful, fulfilled and my relationship with my boyfriend has really taken a pleasant turn for the better. I noticed that I have energy later into the evening, I washed the dishes last night at 9 pm and I have not done that in YEARS. I had accepted that I would just get so tired by 7 pm every night that I would refuse to do anything I did not feel like doing after that time and, of course, that included every chore in the book! I am really thinking that I have just gotten 2 extra hours a night because of the Rejuvenizer! Thanks so much for this wonderful life-enhancer."

—Amy Bourland, Feng Shui practitioner, Austin, Texas, USA

"I've been energetically sensitive since the mid 1980's, when I began to develop enterprise-wide corporate financial systems. This type of work constantly immersed me in a plethora of electromagnetic fields. With the phenomenal increase in high-tech devices and the increase in EMF bombardment, I was feeling the debilitating effects of electro-pollution on a daily basis. Over the years, I had sought relief from a variety of subtle energy products. I've personally tried and used at least seven such products, and the Rejuvenizer has been the only one that has provided consistent relief in lifting EMF-induced stress effects. It has been unlike anything else I've tried, and besides being a beautiful piece of art, it has been helped provide me with a 'lightness' of being."

–Mary O., MBA, Marketing & E-commerce, Chicago, Illinois, USA

"My name is Randy Collignon (age 24). I met Phyllis Light in San Francisco, where she had a booth across from ours. I purchased a Personal Rejuvenizer and I just wanted you to know that the last 48 hours have brought for me the most incredible healing transformation I have ever experienced. Everything from the way i respond to life, to my health and general sense of well being. I cannot thank you enough for having the kindness to share this miracle with me. It has transformed my life and brought incredible healing to my soul. I promise to share this miracle to all who are receptive. I hope others too will have the faith to transform their lives with this healing technology. This has touched my life in an indescribable way. May you be forever blessed. I know I now am. Your forever grateful partner and friend,"

–Randy Collignon, student & part time researcher, San Francisco, California, USA

"I received my Rejuvenizer less then 24 hours ago and am simply amazed by it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hate labels, but the term "Chronic Fatigue" is an accurate description of my general health. I was having a particularly "off day" yesterday - and within a half hour of wearing the Rejuvenizer, I was able to "activate" and be productive for the rest of the day!"

–S.M., former Fund Manager (before I got sick), London, England

"My cat has had rather severe asthma for at least five years. I got him a Pet Rejuvenizer a couple of months ago and he got immediate results. He was hacking away when it came in the mail. The next day, his lungs were cleared out. That was truly a miracle if you ask me. He's been so much better since he's had his Pet Rejuvenizer, it's unbelievable. I am so relieved."

–C.J., San Francisco, California USA

"Your Rejuvenizer works as advertised. I carry a radio and body alarm at work. The device does seem to mitigate EMFs. I have more strength and stamina carrying this device. After carrying the Rejuvenizer, I seem to feel more positive in my thoughts and outlook. You have gained credibility with me."

–S.G., Youth Counselor in Juvenile Corrections Facility, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"I have been researching various subtle energy and vibrational medicine technologies for several years. Recently, I carried out some interesting tests with the Personal Rejuvenizer using, amongst other things, Rayonex bioresonance equipment.  The Rayonex PS10 is an objective medical radiesthesia device which uses a dipole antenna system linked up to the body via footpads and metal handholds to measure energetic interferences to an array of organs and  body systems.  The equipment can be used to diagnose and harmonise these energetic interferences, and to establish the impact of geopathic stress, magnetic/electric fields etc. Significantly, these interferences first occur and can be detected at very high frequencies which, if not corrected, then drop down in decadic jumps (eg 200kHz, 20kHz, 2kHz,200Hz, 20Hz, 2Hz) until they manifest in the physical body and can be detected by orthodox medicine.  I suspect that these higher frequency interferences might correspond with damage, stress or fragmentation in the etheric bodies.  I did an initial check up on myself and found 17 interferences.  I did not harmonize them.  I then wore a Personal Rejuvenizer for 24 hours and measured myself again. After 24 hours, 13 of the 17 interferences had been harmonized. After a further 24 hours, the remaining 4 interferences had also been harmonized.  This was, to say the least, an extremely impressive result.  I have not encountered another product with this ability to harmonize interferences so quickly and effectively."

–A.G., Researcher, M.A., London University, M.Phil, University of Cambridge, U.K.

All testimonials or endorsements reflect the individual's personal opinion and are not given on behalf of any entity or organization. The individuals were not provided with any monies or gifts for their letters of recommendation and experience.

In addition, individual results with Rejuvenizers may vary. Many people experience positive changes in their lives. Some people may simply use the Rejuvenizer on faith, based on the positive experiences of others.  If a person "doesn't feel anything" with ongoing Rejuvenizer use, we sometimes recommend private subconscious clearing work to remove deep blockages to perceiving subtle energies.