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"I'm so excited and thankful that you're in my life....." "I'm so glad that we worked on my money issues in our last session. I just got a phone call from my boss saying he's going to bump my pay up significantly. I'm so excited and thankful that you're in my life and are able to help heal these past lifetimes. You're the best and I cannot wait 'til the next time we talk."
—K.A., software developer
Schaumberg, Il

"I felt like this dark cloud lifted off of me..." "I called for a mini-session almost in a panicky state, and within an hour, I felt like this dark cloud lifted off of me. And then I felt so peaceful and calm."
—M.K., Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

"The changes have been very definite and empowering..." "I can't begin to tell you how good I've felt since the last session with you. Though gradual, the changes have been very definite and empowering. "Fear" and thoughts revolving around fear have greatly diminished. Thank you for helping me. I have a much more positive outlook and a strong desire to live and achieve all my dreams." 
—G.C., R.N., Gainesville, Florida, U.S.A.

"Thank you so much & God bless..." "I appreciate the fact that you are there to help me along the way and I thank GOD that I was fortunate enough to find you. You really are incredible. Your sessions are worth 10 times what you charge, your products are miraculous, and I feel blessed to be given the chance to talk to you. Thank you so much & God bless." 
— P.W., Financial Planner, Seattle, Washington, USA

"Phyllis Light's work is light years beyond the cutting edge..." "As a healer and teacher of metaphysics, I thought my work was on the `cutting edge,' but I have come to discover that Phyllis Light's work is light years beyond anything I ever imagined possible!" 
— J.B., San Antonio, Texas, USA

"I find it amazing that you can really relate..." "Just wanted to say that I am definitely feeling the effects of our work, and to thank you for your kindness!  I had been struggling so long with all those limitations; it's true that I had come to a dark, faithless and hopeless place... Thank God I found you!! I find it amazing that you can really relate to and understand just where I've been and what I've been through." 
— Student, Sacramento, California, USA

"Everything has become so much easier..." "Since we have been working together, I am able to be so much more effective and productive. Everything has become so much easier and joyous. My relationships with others have blossomed. People are so much more responsive and positive to me." 
— D.A., Columbus, Ohio, USA

"I have never met anyone so accurate..." "I have nothing but words of praise for you and your work. It is an honor to know you and I feel truly blessed. I have never met anyone so accurate and so thorough, with so much enthusiasm and candor. Thank you SO much for everything!!!" 
— C.G., Bonsall, California, USA

"My thoughts are clearer..." "My thoughts are clearer, I feel lighter, my self-esteem is improved. I feel wonderfully unburdened. Thank you." 
— M.H., Houston, Texas, USA

"A major contribution...""I feel the work you are involved in is important and a major contribution, much like that Carl G. Jung did for psychology at the beginning of this century." 
— B.P., Houston, Texas, USA

"I've never felt so light in my life..." "I've never felt so light in my life...I don't feel like I'm dragging a ball and chain anymore!" 
— L.T., Hemet, California, USA

"The finest psychic I've ever met..." "The finest psychic I've ever met... Phyllis can get more done in one session than anyone I've ever experienced." 
— K.B., Homer, Alaska, USA

"Permanently cleared up lifetimes worth of `stuff'..." "I feel like I've permanently cleared up lifetimes worth of `stuff' in just one afternoon!" 
— K.N., Temescula, California, USA

"Relationships have improved dramatically..." "I can let love in now without fear... and all my relationships have improved dramatically." 
— L.T., Los Angeles, California, USA

"My wife and I are communicating more openly..." "My wife and I are communicating more openly and more spontaneously than ever before."
— B.I., Murietta, California, USA

"My life is better..." "I cannot find the words to tell you how much better my life is since I have begun to see you. I truly believe not even 100 years of conventional therapy could have made the difference in how I view life, other people, God, and especially myself, that you have made!" 
— L.T., Idyllwild, California, USA

"No more thoughts of suicide..." "I have spent a lot of my life depressed, lonely, and unhappy. At times I was so depressed that I harbored thoughts of suicide. Nothing seemed to work for me. Now, because of your help, I wouldn't think of suicide, not in my wildest dreams!" 
— M.F., Kansas City, Missouri, USA

"I'm feeling a lightness, happiness and joy..." "Thank you all so much for all your help... I really felt a shift in energy since our session and much improvement in my physical health (used to have a headache almost daily at the end of the day... not a one since the clearing began getting out the mess in my head :-) and the stoppage of a lot of negative "mind chatter." I'm feeling a lightness, happiness and joy I didn't know I was missing! Really excited and eager to continue this healing so I keep developing and growing on all levels of my being." 
— T.N., Veterinary Technician, Kingston, Georgia, USA

"... my first full session with you is bringing me so much clarity..." "I want to let you know that the clearing that I have been receiving since my first full session with you is bringing me so much clarity and providing me with deeper insights into a lot of things about myself and my Life circumstances and Life purpose—much of which has puzzled me for a long time. I have been working on understanding my subconscious programming since 1998 when I first experienced a huge spiritual awakening, and have been able to remove some important blocks in the last couple of years. However, since working with you, this process has been truly accelerated and I have been able to consciously make major changes in my inner patterns. I am clearly aware now of many of the self-sabotaging programs in my subconscious mind." 

"I have become aware that I am changing in a big way because my husband and 10-year old daughter recently told me that they see me as a "new" person. My daughter says that she has a "new" mommy. What is also very interesting is to see my daughter and my husband changing too, from the inside, in a big way, as I change. I look forward enthusiastically to my next session with you."
—L.C., Computer Programmer/Analyst, San Antonio, Texas

"... the work is helping me a great deal..." "This is just to let you know that the work is helping me a great deal—and it’s only been several days. Is this my imagination or a miracle? Whatever it is, I’m doing much better. Thank you very much!"
—M.G., Board Certified Hypnotherapist, San Francisco, California

"... almost like getting a little clairvoyant." "I've noticed that I've had lots more real deep intuition—being able to read people, without having to ask them any questions at all—almost like getting a little clairvoyant. Recently I felt words being 'pulled out of my 3rd eye' and I got a positive read about being hired for a job I applied for... almost like I was being told 'yes,' that I had gotten the job."
—A.L., Nurse, Indianapolis, Indiana

"... I seem to be a lot happier person." "Since our session, I seem to be a lot happier person. It's easier for me to stay happy. As far as the opposite sex, it seems to be a lot easier for me to talk to women. They seem more comfortable with me, they seem a lot more friendly, a lot easier to dialog with... whereas before, there was a lot of distance, effort, and difficulty."
—J.D., Student Nurse, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania