The Energetic Session — Specific Instructions

What to do during your session

Take about 15 to 20 minutes (or more if you need) and write down what is going on with you.  Take an assessment of where you are now.  You may want to first acknowledge any positive changes you have noticed since your last session, since it's always good to be grateful for any changes you have experienced so far.

Then, write down areas of challenges in your life—things you still want to change, or places where you still feel stuck.  Make a list of key negative thoughts that surface in your mind as you ponder working toward achieving your goals.  These are "programs" we will be working on clearing from your subconscious mind in the session.  We will also be re-wiring the brain and neural pathways over time, to hold the opposite  of your negative beliefs.

You can also take a personal assessment of what's happening in your body and energy field.  You may want to sit with eyes closed and scan your body.  Notice any areas of tension, stress, heaviness, torque... anything unusual that doesn't feel right.  All these things will be addressed in the session.

You don't necessarily have to write down all that you notice when you do this last "scan" of your body and energy field, but it will be valuable for you to take note of what's going on inside you in this way.  Ultimately it will empower you to be aware of any positive shifts that take place as a result of the session.

Take as much time as you need... there's no rush.  Just be with yourself as deeply as you can, and tell the truth as much as you can about what you're experiencing.  All of this will support you in getting maximum healing and clearing from the session.

Then say:

  • I'm willing to get the help I need in making the changes I want to make in my life.
  • I'm willing to get as much negative programming cleared as possible and whatever other healing I need as a result of this session.

And finally,

  • I give thanks for all the healing and clearing I am receiving here.

Create Affirmations

You may also want to start letting go of needing to be right about any negative thoughts you have about what's going on in your life.  Take the most negative beliefs that you're bringing to the session today and create affirmations, such as:

  • I let go of needing to be right that.... (and then you put your negative belief in there.)
  • For example,
  • I let go of needing to be right that life has to be hard.
  • I let go of needing to be right that I can't get my needs met here.
  • You are not affirming your negative belief here, you are saying, I let go of needing to be right that my negative belief is true. It's very powerful to do so.
    Then breathe it in at the tailbone area, the base chakra, where we tend to hold onto our negative beliefs in order to survive (because they are comfortable and familiar).  With your eyes closed, you say the affirmation from the tailbone area, and then take a deep breath in, pulling that new energy into the entire body.  Do this at least several times… and then perhaps several times every few days.

Then you want to create a new identity, by affirming:

  • I know who I am when... (then put your positive belief in here—the opposite of the negative one)

For example:

  • I know who I am when life is easy and joyful for me.
  • I know who I am when I can easily get my needs met here.

And again, say this from the tailbone area (where our old identities are stored, so we feel safe and comfortable staying where we have been...) and take a deep breath in, pulling the new energy into the whole body.

These affirmations are very powerful and really help to facilitate change at the deepest levels.  As long as we want to be right about what we believe, we'll never change and always feel stuck.

Letting go of needing to be right about what we believe is an incredibly powerful act… and needs to be practiced!!  Then, creating a new identity from scratch is essential, so we don't go back to our old comfortable ways of being and identifying with our old negative programs.

You can also create any other affirmations that you want to counteract the negative beliefs or programs that may have surfaced in your mind at this time.  Take some time and work with all the affirmations you create.  Breathe them into different chakras and areas of the body.  Feel the positive energy coming into you, and be aware of the resistance it may bring up as you do this.

If the resistance is really strong, you may want to take a few minutes and feel the negative feelings being stirred up—as we often do during sessions.  Just keep allowing yourself to go deeper and deeper into the negative feelings, for the purpose of making peace with and integrating the energy, so it is no longer walled off or stuck inside you.

Go deeper and deeper into the feelings, and my guides and I will be there to help you clear blocking and sabotaging energies and release the negativity and trauma stored there, as we normally do.  This will help you to keep going deeper within to clear more negative energy and become more whole.  Trust that you can do this, and it will work well for you.

This whole process will be very empowering for you, so please do honor your session time as a way to look at yourself and be with yourself, for the purpose of allowing a deeper level of healing to take place.

Other Things You Can Do

  It's okay to be creative as part of your session, and work in whatever way you feel comfortable.  One client had major issues with her mother, so I suggested working through the exercises in Love Now, Here's How, in Ch.6, p. 245, "Healing the Relationship with Your Parents."  If you have major issues with your parents, you could do this exercise prior to or during your session, and get a tremendous amount of clearing as a result.

  There is another process that you could include in this session.  This is very helpful to gain insight into what's going on with you, and will bring up a lot of programming that can be cleared in the context of the session.

Answer to the best of your ability the following questions.  Accept whatever answer comes up in your head.  This is not necessarily a "logical" process, but more of an intuitive one, where you just trust whatever surfaces in your mind.

First, pick a problem or undesirable condition you want to work on.  Then answer the following:

1.  What are my payoffs to having this condition?
In other words, what are you getting from having this condition? Remember, payoffs are not necessarily positive.  For example, if your "condition" is being sick a lot, your payoff might be:  "to get people to pay attention to me" or "to get people to feel sorry for me."  If your "condition" is not having enough money, a payoff could be:  "to get to feel bad about myself" or "to get to feel like a failure."  Just do your best to tell the truth and see what comes up.  This will tell you why some part of you is "creating" or holding onto this condition.

2.  What thoughts must i have that created or attracted this condition?
Again, just say whatever comes to you.  Whatever comes up in your mind at this time is no accident.  Trust the process.  Since your thoughts always create your reality, this part will help you get in touch with the negative thoughts within your subconscious that need to be transformed.

3.  What feelings does this condition bring up?

In truth, both your thoughts and feelings create your reality.  Most feelings stem from old programming, often from past life experiences.  We tend to re-play similar feelings over and over, until they are fully felt and integrated or cleared.  Getting in touch with and feeling your feelings are important for the healing process.

4.  What are your fears of letting go of this condition?
Yes, sometimes we hold onto "negative" conditions because we are afraid to be free of them.  We are afraid of the changes that might happen in our life.  We may feel undeserving of such change.  We may feel safer staying where we are.  There are many possible reasons why we may be afraid to let go of the condition.  Telling the truth about this can be very insightful.  The idea here is that you want to take responsibility for whatever is going on in your life.  If you haven't yet let go of some negative or undesirable condition, there are often specific underlying fears.
      This is something else you can do, as part of the Energetic Session.  This is an exercise where you fill in the blanks with whatever comes into your head.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.  This exercise is very healing on many levels.  I would definitely recommend you incorporate this exercise into every Energetic Session, at the end of the session.

    Repeat each phrase and fill in the blank.  After you are done, do another few rounds of each one, as you get more insight and clearing each time you do it.  Also, it really feels good.  And in time, you will see that the things you pray for will become the things that you are grateful for!!

    I acknowledge myself for ..........................

    I forgive myself for .......................

    I am grateful for .....................

    I pray for ........................