The Energetic Session — Understanding How This Works

There are two fundamental dimensions available to us humans:  3rd and 4th dimension.  The 3rd dimension is the realm of the physical, incorporating the entire physical world in which we live.  The 4th dimension incorporates the realm of the "meta"physical (meaning "beyond" the physical).  The 4th dimension is the realm of energy and consciousness that underlies the entire 3rd dimensional world that we experience as "real" in our everyday lives.

Phyllis' work is 4th dimensional.  It is energetic and works on a person's consciousness first, with the results then manifesting into physical form, where specific and concrete improvements can be witnessed.  Often people sense a lightening up of their being at a deep level within, prior to noticing concrete results in the physical.  Because the work is so deep, many wonderful changes can be made in a person's life that more 3rd dimensional healing technologies cannot reach.

Because of this, Phyllis is able to be with a person energetically, in 4th dimension, without having to be present physically.  A fundamental understanding and trust in the basic nature of life is necessary here.  If you are unable to grasp this concept or feel skeptical about it, then this session isn't for you.

People who have worked with Phyllis over time and have gotten to know her work, have reported some very profound experiences with this type of session.  This session will support you in being more responsible for your own personal growth process than the other "budget special" sessions (where you call in or email her to request the work), and the intuitive skills you develop during this session are extremely valuable for your learning and growth.  For specific details on the procedure, click here.

The procedure (in Phyllis' words)

Be available for your session at your scheduled time, although you won't be calling me on the phone.  I will still be there energetically, in 4th dimension (rather than physically, in 3rd dimension).  I will still be connected with you and provide the healing and support you require.  My energetic presence will help your intuition be stronger.  It will give you greater confidence and a greater ability to see what's going on within you and to trust your own knowledge and awareness.  You may even feel my consciousness present with you and "see yourself through my eyes" as you follow the instructions below.  Please call the office (512) 301-2999 to book a specific time for this session.

For specific instructions, click here.