The Program, Cont'd.

Phyllis' guides recommend a "Full-Session Mini" every 12 weeks, with mini-sessions sprinkled in between, at least every 2 or 3 weeks, depending on how fast you are able to move.  The mini-sessions help to pick up and clear any deep resistance to whatever you are working on in the session, plus any other issues that may have surfaced since your "Full-Session Mini" started.   

After the 12 weeks is over, we check in to see if you would like to do another round.  You always share your issues or challenges at the outset of "The Program," and then you can email in more issues or areas you'd like to work on every 3 weeks, at the time of your mini-sessions. You would put "Auto Program" in the subject line and send your issues to

It is important that you put "Auto Program" in the subject line so we know that it is part of your already-scheduled Program, and won't bill you any extra for the clearing you are requesting.  The people who do regular mini-sessions between sessions move through their issues more quickly, which is why we recommend "The Program" for those of you who are serious about releasing your negative subconscious patterns.

You may feel lighter, better, or freer after one round of The Program, but it is only with time and regular work that you are truly able to heal the deep patterns within your subconscious mind and energy field that have been with you for a very long time... often thousands of years!!