"The Prosperity Package"

Here is what will be done in the context of "The Prosperity Package":

 1) Clearing negative subconscious programming, trauma, and memories of feeling unworthy or undeserving of having all that you need and want in your life.

Any feelings of unworthiness or undeservingness will prevent you from creating a prosperous life, since you don’t think you’re worthy or deserving of having what you want.  By clearing these negative beliefs and feelings, you open yourself to greater possibilities for life than you have known to date.

2) Clearing any "vows of poverty" you may have taken in the past, or beliefs that you're happier or better off as a poor person. 

This includes past or present life religious programming that God doesn't want you to have money... that somehow money is bad or not spiritual.  You may be totally unaware of such "vows" or beliefs, but the end result is that no matter how hard you try, you keep creating a life of scarcity, rather than abundance.

3) Clearing any negative programming, trauma, or memories of resentment, anger, or hatred towards people with money.

Any negative energy you have towards people with money will definitely clog your space and keep you from increasing the amount of money you let in.  After all, you wouldn't want to become one of those people with money you normally hate or resent!  Acknowledging and then clearing this inner conflict within you is essential to transforming your life in this area.

4) Clearing of negative programming, trauma, or memories around "not enough" (e.g., beliefs like, "I'm not good enough," "I never have enough," "I can't get enough," etc.). 

When you have beliefs like this, the end result is that you always manifest less than you what you need and want.  All beliefs around "scarcity" (of funds, time, resources, etc.) and "not being able to get your needs met" will be addressed and cleared, over time, with "The Prosperity Package."

The problem is: when you have this "not enough" programming, the glass is always "half empty."  No matter how much goodness life delivers to you, no matter how many wonderful things happen for you, you are always going to be angry and upset that you don't have "more."  You are so busy believing that you don't have enough, that this is all you can see.  And, what you focus on, grows in your world.

When you focus on the "not enoughness" of your life, you are unable to enjoy what you have.  You go through life angry or annoyed that life isn't giving you more.  What you get is more of "not enough"... since this is your main focus.

When you start to be grateful for what you have, and acknowledge all the good things that come your way, no matter how small, then you will start to love and appreciate your world, and continue to attract more and more good things that support your happiness.  The change in attitude has to come from within.  It cannot come from outside yourself.

With this pattern, you THINK that more money, a better job, or a substantial pay raise will solve all your problems.  You think that once you get that "more," then you will have enough. The problem is that until you release the "not enough" patterns within your subconscious mind, you will NEVER BE ABLE TO SEE that you do have enough.  The feelings of not having enough will continue to haunt you, and you will be constantly plagued by the need to have more, in order to be happy.

Being able to find satisfaction with all that you have—here and now—is the key.  And of course, clearing the negative "not enough" programming from your subconscious mind is an essential part of this process.

5) Clearing of victim issues. 

You fall under this category of "victim" when, at a deep level, you don't feel like you have what it takes to rise above your current circumstances and create a different outcome from what you are currently experiencing.  Often, with a "victim mentality," you may feel yourself to be a victim of life, your job, your boss, society, your age, your skill level, etc.  With this mentality, there is always something "out there" that's going to keep you from creating the abundance you desire.

6) Clearing of issues of not wanting to be too different from or having more than the people in your life. 

Your friends or loved ones may have resentment or negativity towards people with money, so you may be holding yourself back in order to not alienate the people around you.  You want to fit in.  You want to belong.  With this issue, you are afraid that your friends or loved ones will be mad at you or reject you in some way if you become successful.  So, even though you may consciously want to make more money, you may be subconsciously sabotaging your success in order to avoid hostility or rejection from your family or peers.

7) Clearing subconscious patterns and beliefs around the idea that life has to be hard and a struggle.

Deeply rooted within the human psyche, this one is commonly held.  And whatever you believe, you get to be right about.  You may be keeping more money out as a way to prove you are right about your beliefs that life has to be hard and a struggle. 

Sometimes we hold onto being right about our beliefs in order to "survive."  You may have experienced life as hard and a struggle for so long, that this condition has become "familiar," and at an unconscious level, you think you NEED this condition in order to survive.  That's why it can feel so challenging to change such deeply held beliefs.  It almost feels like "death" to parts of us, since the old negative beliefs are so familiar and "safe."

8) Clearing subconscious patterns and beliefs around the idea that "nothing you do is ever going to change your situation."

With this pattern, there is an essential feeling of hopelessness around things ever changing for you.  When you feel hopeless, it is hard to feel empowered to take action to make changes in your life.  You might feel apathetic, and ignore any possible opportunities for changing your condition.  Or, you might work very hard to make changes, but because of your deep hopelessness about things changing for you, you may create failure after failure, thus "getting to be right" about your basic beliefs of how life is for you.

9) Clearing subconscious patterns and beliefs that "it's too hard to create a life of abundance," "it would take too much out of me," "it's not worth the trouble," "it would require too much effort."

With these kinds of patterns, you would not create an abundant life because of your beliefs about what it would take.  Like #8 above, you may go into an apathetic state about it, or you may, at times, work really hard and exhaust yourself.  In either case, you will probably not create or be able to maintain a state of abundance because of your beliefs about how difficult it would be.

10) Clearing subconscious patterns and beliefs about the need to punish yourself by not letting yourself have enough of what you need and want.

The need to punish yourself comes from feeling guilty, and that guilt could originate in this or past lifetimes.  You may have had a lot of money at one time, and felt guilty for not helping the poor people around you.  Thus, you decided to "come back," as a poorer person, to assuage your guilt. 

You may simply have a lot of subconscious beliefs that you are a bad person and because of this, you feel like it wouldn't be "right" for you to live a life of abundance... that somehow a person as bad as you "shouldn't be allowed" to have things be too good or too easy.  There could be some overlapping here with #1, where issues around feeling unworthy or undeserving of having a prosperous life need to be cleared.

11) Clearing negative programming, traumas, memories, and beliefs around the idea that, "You won't get to keep it (wealth, money, prosperity), so why bother creating it."

This is common when there are memories—in this or past lives—of loss around having an abundance.  You may have had things taken away from you before, e.g., when your home burned down, during a social uprising where the wealthy class had all their wealth taken away, during the Holocaust when the Jews were stripped of their possessions, during World War II, when Japanese-Americans were removed from their homes and put into internment camps, etc.)

When you have lost all that you had, it is natural to develop a fear of this happening to you again.  Once this fear is in place, your unconscious tendency is to continue to attract the same circumstances to you again and again.  All such fears will be addressed and cleared, over time, as part of "The Prosperity Package."

12) Clearing any part of you, conscious or subconscious, that has an identity as a "have-not," often based on many lifetimes of experience. 

With this pattern, it would be hard to create an abundance in your life because it would go against your fundamental perception of who you are—one who DOESN'T have what he needs and wants.  Remember, we tend to re-create that which is familiar.  If you've been a "have-not" before, you are comfortable with this state at a really deep level.  All such "comfort" and "holding onto the past" would need to be cleared, so you can make the changes you're truly wanting to make in your life.

The main problem with all of these negative beliefs regarding prosperity is that when more money starts to flow to you, these beliefs kick in and you start to sabotage the flow.  You inevitably create something in your life that requires more money to be spent, like repairs that need to be made, extra unexpected bills that need to be paid... something that will drain off any excess resources you've attracted and get you back to your familiar "not enough," "have-not" state.

You have to remember that how it is for you is how part of you wants it to be.  By acknowledging all the places within you that have been stuck and holding onto negative beliefs about the possibilities life holds for you, and by clearing your negative subconscious programs through "The Prosperity Package," you will ultimately succeed at changing this crucial aspect of your life.