"The Soul Diet That Works" Package, cont'd.

Acknowledge yourself for truly wanting to change yourself at the deepest levels of your being, for that is what this “diet” is all about.  This is truly a “red-letter date” in your soul’s evolution.  You will be dumping old negative energies that have been plaguing you for a very long time. 

This is not just about weight loss, although that may be what attracted you to this in the first place. This is about learning to love yourself and your life so much, that you become committed to being who you really are and feel safe bringing that new you out into the world.  You will learn how to tell the truth about what is going on inside you, for the purpose of healing past hurts and negative emotions.

There is no self-judgment on this path, although that may surface for you.  This is about learning to love yourself rather than judge yourself.  It is about learning to forgive yourself for not having become all that you thought you should be by now. 

By releasing past judgments of yourself, you start to free yourself of all self-imposed limitations.  You start to become lighter and more alive.  And, over time, your body will reflect such increased lightness—since your thoughts and feelings always manifest in your physical world.

For some of you, such physical changes will come more quickly than others.  Everyone is different, and everyone’s subconscious load is unique.  The important thing is to trust that you will get what you need here, regardless of how long it will take you.

Everything that you normally face in your life will surface as you participate in this program:  hopelessness, despair, disappointment, and frustration.  If it’s inside you, it will surface, there is no getting around it.

However, with the help of the deep subconscious clearing that takes place with this program, you will now receive help RELEASING the old negativity when it surfaces.  This will allow you to keep lightening your load more and more with time.  No one dumps all their “old baggage” overnight.  But as time goes on, you will definitely experience this lightening—at the soul level, and then at the physical level as well.

You found this “diet” because your soul is troubled.  You have been stuck in old patterns for a long time, and you are now ready to extricate yourself from the negative muck in which you find yourself.  As you move forward with this program, you will find a deep lightening up at the soul level, and this will ultimately translate into a healthier, slimmer, and lighter you.

Persistence is the key.  Without persistence, you will find yourself giving in to the old hopelessness and despair—a part of the “baggage” you carry.  Those negative feelings can whisper in your ear:  “Quit, give up… why bother?.. it’s never going to work anyway.”  And you may decide to forget about it.

However, you don’t have to listen to those old negative parts of yourself.  They are surfacing in order to be healed and transformed, not for you to wallow in or dwell on.  You always have a choice as to which thoughts and feelings you focus on and energize within yourself.  

With this program, you will get stronger and freer from the negativity you've been carrying for a long time.  As a result, you will become more and more capable of manifesting the life—and particularly the body—that you truly want for yourself.