Rejuvenizers Protect You from the Harmful Effects of EMFs and more...

Rejuvenizers offer a lifetime of healing and protection.  Dr. Phyllis Light developed this breakthrough technology over 35 years of research and development.  The Rejuvenizers®—a set of devices for your body, your home or work environment, and your pets—will effectively counteract the detrimental influences of electromagnetic fields on the physical and subtle bodies. They are the only devices on the market that actually restore the etheric body—the blueprint for the physical body—back to normal.  This allows the physical body to heal itself, over time, from the damage the frequencies have caused.  The Rejuvenizers give you invaluable, life-enhancing, continuous protection, 24 hours a day.

Did you know that your physical body is continually being weakened by exposure to electromagnetic fields?  This happens every time you sit in front of a computer, use your cell phone or handheld device, live or work where WiFI is broadcast, use GPS in your car, watch TV, use "Smart" appliances or systems in your home, stand near a microwave oven, drive past a high power line, use a hair dryer, sleep on a heated waterbed, use an electric blanket, work near electric or electronic equipment, sit near stereo speakers and listen to music, or even hold a TV remote control on your lap.

Phyllis has been trained, over many years, to detect and repair subtle kinds of damage to a person's energy field which cause physical and ultimately mental and emotional distress.  According to Phyllis, radio and TV waves and other high-tech frequencies used in telecommunications cause unnatural fragmentations of your energy field, which in turn cause you to behave in self-sabotaging ways.

In addition, such fragmentations block the influx of spiritual energy through the higher chakras.  What this means is that the high-tech frequencies and energies of today's world are not just harming our physical bodies and ability to sustain good health, but they are hampering our ability to be in touch with the powerful, intuitive Spiritual Being that we are, at our core.

Rejuvenizers® actually do much more than protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields. Because of her expertise in Telepathic Healing, Phyllis has been able to add special healing properties to each Rejuvenizer® to help people (and pets) create better health and well-being on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

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