Cubicle Rejuvenizer®

The Cubicle Rejuvenizer is designed to act as both the Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers for your individual workspace—where it would be impossible to use all five Rejuvenizers necessary to protect and clear the space. Obviously this is advisable for a cubicle, where there are no corners, per se, in which you can place the Indoor Rejuvenizers. We also find it works well for a small office room, where keeping the Indoor Rejuvenizers in the corners isn't practical, e.g., when they could get moved or thrown away by the cleaning people.

The Cubicle Rejuvenizer will help clear your immediate space of specific negative energies, as well as neutralize life-damaging electromagnetic fields and frequencies from computers, wireless internet, cell phones, satellite TV and radio broadcasts, GPS, overhead fluorescent lights, and from all the electric and electronic equipment found in most offices. The Cubicle Rejuvenizer is programmed with the same functions as the Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers combined, but for use in a much smaller space.

We recommend tucking it away in a drawer, so no one can see it or be tempted to take it. Once you start using the Cubicle Rejuvenizer, being at work will become a much more pleasurable, life-supporting experience. You may find co-workers wanting to "hang out in your space" much more often, due to the more harmonious, peaceful energy there!

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