Energy Elevation Process (EEP)

This is a special, customized session that Phyllis created to enhance the performance and success of anyone, anywhere.  The recipient of the Energy Elevation Process will get a boost of energy by having any negative thoughts, fears, or concerns (e.g. lack of confidence, fear of failure, fear of speaking or performing in front of large groups, fear of success, etc.).... cleared on an ongoing basis, during the time frame of the process.  

In other words, the Energy Elevation Process will help move anything out of your space, on all levels, that would keep you from doing your best in any particular circumstance.  You are given a "frequency raise" on all your subtle bodies: mental, emotional, will, Higher mental, and Spiritual, so you feel more enlivened, uplifted, and inspired.  Thus, your performance will be as "high" and uplifting as possible.   Read more...


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